Wednesday, May 16, 2007

D Hostel @ NIT Calicut

D Hostel is situated almost at a corner of the NITC map.. generally considered a final years hostel, this single room hostel also houses many of the luckier 3rd years ..

D hostel is most famous for its D-Bar, where every type of alcohol from Vodka to Naadan Kallu (Local toddy) may be served[or have i exaggerated too much? :-) ].. unfortunately, after a series of happenings lately, D-Bar has been ‘debarred’ from functioning (excuse the pun)..

The hostel on the whole is very beautiful.. apart from the small patch of greenery in the front and the entry hallway, the often dimly lit coridoors are also beautiful in their eerieness.. The legend of D goes that at any point of time only 2 out of any 10 bulbs in the hostel must be working..

The COOLER : This is a local hotspot (no pun intended again) for the ‘D’-enizens, who hang around here for their daily water..the best place to beat ‘D’ also gets visitors from other hostels..unfortunately freezing cold as the water is, it doesnt often taste like ‘D’istilled water.. who cares anyways..

The Toilets in D-Hostel are something to be proud of..something we gladly show everyone,and write about on blogs..very well maintained,shown by the fact that the smell starts only after around 9 in the night ..

MY ROOM: Room D 160, and luckily the one closest to the bathroom, so that people often call this room ‘bath-attached’..and not without reason..makes it easy for me to use the toilet regularly enough..I wouldnt call it a very happening room in terms of studies,but other activities are at its best here..Not the neatest of rooms,but then,you should see the other rooms!..

ME.. Hard At Work!!..