Thursday, March 20, 2008


(Readers,pls excuse my increasing use of PJs as blog titles..cant help it!)

Engineering is about four things. Timepass. Timepass. Timepass. And also timepass. And watching Anime Series is the latest in a 'series'(no pun) of timepass ventures hitting engineering college students.Japanese anime top the list, with an unbelievable fan following.

What makes Japanese anime so watchable?

1. Story line : Man those guys know how to tell one
2. Music : Those mood-based music tracks are simply awesome and keep any addict begging for more
3. Plot : Keeps you glued on forever, like, until you finish every single episode in the series
4. Characterisation : Makes you talk about those characters in class hours and in hostel as if they were hot news like Saddam or Osama.
5. Ideas : Animation opens up infinite possibilities, and my oh my these guys use every single one of those to make the whole package colourful and addictive.
6. Dramatisation : Goes overboard sometimes, but all the same seeable.

For me, Bleach tops the list of anime. Naruto comes an addictive second. Avatar(not Japanese) is making waves all over the world,and others like Full Metal Alchemist,Death Note and Kenichi are getting equally good responses.

Heres a list of Anime series I watch(with comments):

1. Avatar : My first one. Aang, the last airbender, the avatar who is the only one who can master the four elements water, earth fire and air, is still a child, who must wake up to his responsibilities to save the world from domination by the Fire Nation.His friends, who have their own abilities in bending of the elements and are also young themselves,help him in revealing his destiny and finding his path.

Story : Really Really Awesome.
Speed : Fast most of the time. Some episodes are dragging
Music : Pretty nice
Plot : Good. The earlier episodes would keep you die-hard addicted.Now the episodes are isolated from the main storyline.

2. Naruto : Apparently has one of the largest fan followings in the world,even US and Europe.The old Naruto(meaning young naruto) with its simple style was better, and shows how Naruto,a young Ninja student who was isolated from society due to the nature of his childhood, grows into a powerful Ninja through his determination and with help of his friends, Ninja Master Kakashi and teammates Sakura and Sasuke. The story has several twists and turns and takes you through a completely new world of Japanese Ninjutsu lore. Naruto Shippuden is about an adolescent Naruto,now trained in his powers,trying to defeat his arch-enemies and find his one true friend and foe, Sasuke.

Story : Really awesome
Speed : Old Naruto was fast most of the time and slows down only here and there
Shippuden started off fast but is now reeeeeallly dragging,and its really costing it viewership I can say.
Music : Old Naruto- awesome. Shippuden- decent.
Plot : Really good and keeps you addicted. But the drama is overplayed and sometimes gets on your nerves

3.Bleach : My favorite. Also has a large fan-following.It is about Kurosaki Ichigo,a 'normal' jap teen with, shall we say, extraordinarily large spiritual abilities. His life changes when he meets Death God Kuchiki Rukia,when he is forced to take on Death God responsibilities to (As usual) save the world.

The plot is unbelievably thick, and the story so well crafted, each episode is so much more satisfying than what Naruto or even Avatar has to offer.

Speed : Very fast very moving.Big time addicts, this is gonna be your fav.
Music : Decently good
Plot : Too good,unbelievable fast and thick.Each episode ensuring the next is seen.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fluked Out!!

My GATE Score Came out today, and it seems I totally fluked out!! As I had mentioned in my earlier post (Gateway to Success) I'd attended the exam with an only preparation of Badminton practice till 12 am and Warcraft Gaming till 3 am, but apparently luck doesnt care about odds..

Score is some 576... that gives me an AIR of 191, or 98.75 percentile.. atleast my doors to higher education are now open.. Might try a hand at jumping into the prestigious IISc, or perhaps an IIT MTech ?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kochi Rising

Welcome to Cochin. Queen of the Arabian Sea. One of the fastest developing cities in Asia. Apparently in the last few years, there has been a real boom of development in Kochi, and it is still continuing now, promising to bring Kochi on par with with any other metro in India.

Where it started?

Well I'm not too sure but some factors include the coming up of the Cochin International Airport in Nedumbassery around 8 years ago, which proved to be a monster killing for development activities in the area. The Vallarpadam container terminal was a sure push to trade. Cochin Port as such is a really busy place and trade was already booming here, maybe the strategic location was influential too. Infopark in Kakkanad was another one of the earlier victories for Kochi.

On the tourism side, GCDA has gradually taken up steps to meet the developing Metro cultural demands of Cochin. The Marine Drive is a sureshot timepass destination for visitors to the place, and GCDA has done quite some work on beautification of this very scenic area. Bay Pride Mall, Penta Menaka and the other shopping complexes in the area greatly complement the tourism scene as small-scale shopping destinations. Jewellery and fashion industry is competing in making outlets, with 2 really large outlets by Alukkas and Jayalakshmi coming up in the Marine drive- MG Road area.

Now some of the biggest development activities in Cochin are sure to convert it's face competely. The Lulu Shopping world in Kalamassery to come up in about 1-2 years covers several acres and has 8 Billion IN Rupees pouring into it and covers over 16 acres of land! It even includes an amusement park and a 5 star hotel! Housing projects and apartments all over Cochin are in fierce competition, with the Choice Paradise 40 storey apartment coming up in Thripunithura area promising to be the largest in South India when finished. Others include Aquacity in Aluva,Grand Mall, MetroOneMall, Kayaloram, Mir Emerald Towers, Oceanus Maple, Trinity Crown, Trinity Crest, Orchid meadows,Star Lagoon,Technopolis,Swapnil Regency and lots more(all thanks to Monster for the info and the pics).

Why we are not prepared..

1. Do we have the road infrastructure for this? Frankly speaking i think not.. even on a peaceful Sunday night at 11 pm the roads from Ekm South to Aluva may be held in traffic block for hours.The highway is full of bottlenecks and i dont know how Kochi roads can meet the demand of metro traffic. The Private Bus operators, ofcourse, still drive like they own the road, and this really creates enough traffic problems on the road.

2. Our Waste Disposal SUCKS!!!! The old joke goes, and still continues, that if u can smell the stink you have definitely reached Kochi. Demands for a proper disposal system have fallen on deaf ears. Not to forget the bad gutter system, that is definite to overflow in proper rainy conditions.

3. Are we Cochinites development minded enough? I say the culture is yet to adapt itself to embrace a metro lifestyle.

4. We have no night life at all. Life comes to standstill after 10 pm or so. Well, more or less :-).

5.Lots more tourist destinations,amusement parks,scenic locations and walkthroughs needed for people to make their Kochi trip worthwhile. After all, dude, how many times can u go to Veegaland?

Needless to say, its time for us Kochiites to come together and bring the Metro to Cochin.