Monday, August 18, 2008

Open Office 3.Rocks !!

I'm hearing news about Open Office 3 beta version ! And the reports are so unbelievably great !

Open Office, the best Office suite in the world, has now further entrenched its position by blasting away with its 3rd version. Some hi-fi news about OO :

1. The presentation tool Impress is now way too cool, probably has beaten the best in the field. OO Impress even has Apple Keynote's functionality of multiple screens projection and next screen prompt etc.

2. OO owns PDF files as if they made it ! You can now handle and edit pdf files just like an office document !

3. OO can open Word 2007 files ! If the reader is aware from my previous posts on the OOXML controversy, you will understand the cream of the joke is on Microsoft. Because the latest Word format (.docx, .pptx etc) are not open formats, and thus their formatting/processing are not supposed to be known to anyone except Microsoft ! Well, nothing is impossible for the Open source community eh.. they have virtually hacked into Microsoft Words own format!

4. has superb features like Optimisation and Solving !

Just Cant Wait to get my hands on it. Well, what are you waiting for? Go


Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Good news indeed, that OpenOffice is getting better. Indeed more reason even for the beginner, to switch over to FOSS.

But remember, in 'our' (i.e. grad student in engineering) locale, things are different. TeX was invented before we were born, and completely pwns every word processor to date (as you will soon find out). And yes, you can use it for presentations as well. Please write to me after you discover the pure joy that it is :-)

Hari Vishnu said...

hmm yes i have heard of latex, but been to lazy to try it out :-).. will try out and tell ya soon.. meanwhile lets celebrate OO3 shall we..

Abhi said...

That's gr8 news! I wish we'd get cd's of it from the net like we got of ubuntu :)

Hari Vishnu said...

well u can download it for free.. aint that enough for u :-) ?

Hari said...

I love OpenOffice! It kicks the shits out of even Office 2007!

Had it not been for my damned download limit!! :(

Btw, Abhi chettan doesn't have erm.. a 'feasible' internet connection at his workplace, that's why he's wishing for free CDs. :P

Abhi said...

I wish i had the old connection which i had @ home! Then i'd've also enjoyed the kickass performance of oo

Hari Vishnu said...

yea OO kicks the shit out of everything else.. Too bad for ur download limit :-)..

screwed up net connection eh...well dont worry, its free software, it shud fall into ur hands at some point :-)

Quest said...

Really tempts me to try it out....

Me started a blog for our project team @ sterlite....people are really loving it :) do u like to be one of its readers? its currently for private readership only....

Hari Vishnu said...


dont resist temptations :-)

hmm i wouldnt mind being a reader.. but i dint get what the blog is about.. is it your major project group you're talking about ?