Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wall-E.. with a Green message..

I initially planned just a movie review about Wall-E. 'It rocks', 'must see', etc. But thats just not what this movie is about. Its about the message. A message that has been around for sometime and yet finds it hard to enter human brains nowadays. So this will not be a review exactly.

Wall-E by Walt Disney, as you all may already know, is an Animation movie about the robot Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth Class). Wall-E is all that is left on a desolated Earth that has nothing but leftovers of a human civilisation. I wondered whether it would be worth watching an animation movie in the theatre. Maybe, maybe not. But for Wall-E, the theatre makes a difference - The first 10 minutes of the movie will hit you full in the face. A large screen with an earth filled with nothing but trash. A picture of the future of Earth. Scary stuff, man.

Trash, trash all around. That's what Earth is becoming. Or even the space above Earth for that matter. Why dont we realise it? Even if we realise it, why dont we wake up to it? We know the 3 R's (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - do you know? :-) ). We know we can do it. And yet, why dont we go ahead and practise conservation like our lives depended on it? Cos our lives do depend on it, u know.

"Feel your place is becoming a trash can? Well, dont worry, let Wall-E clean it up for you..".. Ya right..

Plastic bags, for example. We all know how easy it is to reuse plastic bags for our shopping. And yet anywhere I go, no one seems to want to reuse them. All of them want brand new bags from the grocery, more junk for Earth to consume. It is not being miserly, you cannot save money by reusing plastic bags. You can only save Earth.

Just think, if you reused a plastic bag 1 more time by taking it to the grocery store, you cut down your plastic consumption by half! 2 more times, it becomes 1/3rd. If everyone did that, the plastic bag consumption would fall drastically! Why hesitate to take a bag to the store and tell the store-lady that she can pack it for you in your own bags? What right does she have to refuse you and insist you use her own plastic, and thereby add more of her own plastic waste to Earths system? I try my best wherever I am to reduce plastic consumption, many people do. Yet a few people cannot make a difference. Thats why I blog :-)

Yes, Wall-E is scary. Apart from the future of the Earth, and inducing a sense of love towards trees and greenery (the green colour rarely comes in the movie that you actually love it when you see it), it wakes you up to the negatives of mechanization. Imagine a world of couch-potatoes, not used to walking, not used to socialising, stuck to their screens (I am now :-) ), not knowing whats outside. Getting lazier. And obese. Man, I really felt like taking a walk after I saw that scene.

Wall-E ends on a good note. The robot Eve looked cute, and Wall-E even cuter :-). The Robot-romance scences were nice alright, well shown. But the environmental feeling - thats what I carried out of the theatre.

I'll end with a dialogue from the movie. Sorry guys, I may be spoiling a bit of suspense here, but like I said, this is not a review. So if you dont want to lose suspense dont read the below conversation between the Captain of the Axiom ship and the Bot 'Auto'. My favorite dialogue.

Captain : "This place.. Earth is beautiful. Auto, take me to Earth right now"
Auto : "Captain, conditions on Earth are not good. You may not survive"
Captain : "I dont want to Survive ! I want to LIVE ! ..I want to do it on Earth !"

Conservation is no longer our gift to the environment. It is our duty to nature. It is a sin not to conserve. By not conserving, we are guilty of murder. Of our future. This is not a doomsday prediction, or a conspiracy theory. It is, as Al Gore put it, an Inconvenient truth.


The Third Twin said...

Ya true it is a bare naked truth.. but i don think so its gonna work out this way.. if we need to stop or minimise plastic pollution, ban production of plastic, it shud be like, Disuse, Diminish and Desist...
u can't go around beating around the bush always..If u want discipline in somethin u shud force it.. or atleast thats what the situation is now... y do u think singapore is clean? its disciplined cos of laws that they shudn litter.. while india is still not so strict abt littering.. plastic use shud be banned although many of us have become addicted to it, but jus think if we can get addicted to using plastic, we can also get addicted to using something else like jute... we shud be definite.. damage has been done.. now it is jus upto us to decide,, yes or no?.

Hari Vishnu said...

yep, sometimes dictatorship is necessary to enforce rules..

yae singapore is neat and clean and all.. and perfect in many ways..but unfortunately not exactly environmentally conscious ive felt.. just wish the govt here saw to that too..

plastic 'ban' is already there in india right :-)

The Third Twin said...

no i meant effective ban of plastics, not just on paper.. like how singapore takes strict rules against littering.. moreover i think singapore is the same as india when it comes to plastic consuming, if not more, but like u said they are following the recycle of 3 R's atleast,..

mea culpa said...

I have a cute JUTE bag for shoppin... I have dat coz I don't like carrying plastic bags... OK somehow dat must have helped the envrmt. rite? work out the maths.

Hari said...

Your 'review' went a long way in inspiring me! :-) Damn, I wanna see Wall E too! :D

But yeah, it's not just reuse of plastics. What about Air & Water Pollution? Both of these are goanna harm us more than mere plastics...

And again, Plastic ban hasn't been implemented fully yet. At least, not practically! :D

Hari Vishnu said...

@mea culpa
yea hehe use a jute bag it helps..

yea true there are many things out there dude.. im only talkin abt the things we can do on a small everyday level.. this is just one example that i come across.. switching off lights fans, putting comps on standby, there are infinite such things which we shud incorporate into our personal habits..

Hari Vishnu said...

and about the plastic ban.. it hasnt been 'implemented' yet eh.. depends on wat u mean by 'implement', in the context of india..

Abhi said...

WALL-E is a great movie, which conveys the message is a very sweet and yet scary way! As you said, the first few shots really scare you a LOT!

About the reuse, reduce and recycle thingy! Wait until you see some industry or manufacturing plant. The importance given to smallest of wastage there is GIGANTIC. There we always measure the wastage in terms of money lost, say for example you used some more of a raw material than the norm, they they calculate the whole amount you spent and always that amount is 10-20 times your ANNUAL SALARY! That makes any worker or engineer really conservative.

I believe normal people throw away plastics at their whims n fancies coz it's cheap and they know another bag is always in the offering for them. If only some govt put a good price tag to the bags, people will go on using the same bad any number of times, no matter if the colour's faded, its torn or what not!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Wall-E. Awesome reviews.

I am not one of your full-time environmentally conscious guys apart from occasional moments when the 'Inconvenient truth' hits me in all it's clarity. Those moments pass.

That is exactly the problem here. The people haven't really been hit hard with the truth. They know we're slowly and irrevocably moving down a path with no return, but people just aren't concerned. Maybe they don't grasp the seriousness and think why worry about it when it's not gonna happen in our lifetime. It's all wrong. very wrong.

That's where the significance of environment movements and works like Wall-E come in. Hitting the people hard with the truth. Waking them up. I do not see a mass-awakening even now. :| . Sad to say, not in India, and definitely NOT in Kerala. We're too comfortable and too stubborn for our own good.

And I don't know if increasing the price of plastic will work. People will find a way around it. And is it really practical? To inflate it's price so that it's beyond people's reach? I don't think so.

Hari Vishnu said...

Exactly the point man Exactly the point that i was thinking! You thought along the same lines I did in this case..

I might was well add your comment to this post..

Well actually increasing the price of plastic might work, but then its better not to play with market forces.. that might have unforseen consequences.. awareness is the only way, and it doesnt seem to be working does it..

Anon said...
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Anon said...

Nice post...My family and I make it a point to carry our own shopping bags out
Dont think things are gonna change in India unless something SERIOUS happens..And one cant blame the govt for evrything...stricter laws u say..A ban will NEVER be taken in a good spirits in India because theres always going to be some faction protesting..The "India is a democracy" arguement..Look at Ramadoss..Laws wont work..People have to change..

Hari Vishnu said...

@krik krak
cool, i and my family do it too.. good for u and the world..

yea, like they say.. benefit of democray : freedom, curse of democracy : laziness, inefficiency, slow decisions, etc etc etc..

Drunken Mind.. said...

think i should watch wall e too...[:)]...i ve it downloaded but vent watched it yet...

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

The plastic problem, as big as it is, doesn't have a unique solution (I wish I could state it nicely saying that some matrix is singular). You need to make the right choices, as to 'banning', reusing, recycling etc. Nevertheless, message is clear: you better do something than pretend ignorance of what we're making of the earth.
I am yet to watch Wall-E (darn, they had Indiana Jones on the flight, but not this!). But one of the other things that you _must_ watch the movie, I'm told, is for the amount of animation talent that's gone into making the robotic emotions, a la what can be said with the eyes alone. Man, blessed are we, for how articulate our face is...

Hari Vishnu said...

yea dude.. watch it :-)

true man.. the animation was really good.. the voices and the robot eye-animations conveying emotions.. hmm.. too bad the airplance ppl dint get better ideas, else u cudve got away with a freebie :-)

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Hari Vishnu said...

thanks :)

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