Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Art Of PJs

Okay.. I'm back into blogging after a looooooooong time, and since i'm desperate to write anything at all.. here goes.. and theres a disclaimer..

Disclaimer : This post is not meant to entertain.. no PJ is meant to entertain.. it is meant to irritate people..Hence, Read at your own risk..

PJ = Poor Joke : also called Chali in Malayalam lingo : A remark/sentence misleadingly called a joke that has such low humour content, practically no standard, and no point at all, so that it tends to irritate more people rather than it entertains.

By definition, PJs can be of any type, but the most common type of PJ is done using duplicate meanings in language. I find English language most suitable- its such a shitty language that every word has atleast 2 unrelated meanings to them. Hence an easy algorithm for a standard chali maker goes as follows :

1. The Chali-Maker (henceforth, called CM) hears a sentence made in any language. eg : "The person reading this has absolutely no shit to do"
2. He scans his brain for any other alternate meanings to every word in the sentence. eg : Shit : has a real meaning that i'd rather not elaborate.
3. Find this word's opposite or any other related word, and make a sentence using this(any arbit shit (no pun) will do). eg : CM : "I bet you he has some peeing to do, though"

Rolling on the floor laughing, arent we...

I know how you must feel now.. that was a standard (i mean, no standard) no-class PJ, the type that you'd want to kill people for. But believe me, PJing is a mental exercise in itself : a lot of lateral thinking involved. And for the CM, its such a satisfying feeling (btw if you have'nt figured out yet, i am one of 'them' u know)

Another phenomena can be observed when more than one CMs get together : PJ bouncing : a process by which a PJ attracts another PJ (bounces) and this process can continue almost infinitely. for eg :

Normal Person : "I have no idea what this blog is about.. "
CM1 : "But you must be having an AirTel on what its about.. "
CM2 : "You can have your Water tell you about that too.."
CM3 : "Water is public property, it cant be his.."
CM4 : "Why cant it be private or protected property"(If you know your basic C++, you may not have missed that one)
CM5 : "Protected property? Protected by whom."

(By now, the normal person must be really pissed off, and makes an attempt to stop this onslaught on human common sense)
Normal Person : "Can you people stop saying PJs please"
CM6 : "But we never said 'PJs please' "
CM7 : "Wait, you just said it now.."
CM6 : "I never said 'it' either.." etc etc etc

Seriously, you should realize how much thinking goes into making a chali.. that why its so satisfying to the Chali-maker, despite the fact that Chali making is bad for (the CM's) health. Realize that and the you will start appreciating all those PJ bombs dropping around can hear their BANG BANG sounds don't you.. well well i better get going..


Mahesh Mahadevan said...

The ring of PJs here is insane (yeah, thanks to people like me too!).
There is a PROF (!) here who specializes in these :-)

Hari Vishnu said...

the world is getting filled up by pj-makers, nai.. one day we will rule the world :-)..

Quest said...

Viruu what sort of specialisation do you intend to take to make your PJs more lethal? ;-)

Hari Vishnu said...

Advanced (No-)Control Systems.. that was really poor wasnt it?..

Saritha Rajagopal said...


I cn contribute to this temendously!!! Simply coz Ive often been crowned the PJ queen by my friends!!!

It's an impulsive action. Ive cracked them even conference rooms. It's that exsistent in my blood. Can't help it. It just comes.

The most common ones is:

Hari: Im bored
Me: Oh I thot you were Hari!

We've thinking of keeping a book of record. With expiry dates and all. Coz some of them are just too stale to crack anymore!!!
LOL. Lemme knw if u run out of ur collection. Or if u get sme new ones!! ;)

Hari Vishnu said...

Hehehe... Another CM that matches in frequency.. yes that joke is so prehistoric we should be studyin abt it in history.. and yet it gives all the more satisfaction :-)..

Once that tendency creeps into ur mind, its impossible to remove it.. Its impulsive with me too.. Ive cracked ones in some really formal situations too (and surprisingly found takers :-) )

i dont think the world will run out of pjs anytime long as we rule!!!...