Monday, July 7, 2008

After reading my chalified movie review on 'Dashed'-Avataram, Mahesh commented on this one with a few crazily good chalis.

So this one is for the PJ lovers out there (I am one of them, so please keep your chappals down :-) )

Kamal - the 'shava' thaaram
Himesh - dasha avathaaLam
Mallika - the sha-wah! thaaram
Appeasement - desha (I mean rashtriyam) avatharam

Non-Mallus who dint get the puns, please excuse me.. Others, if you're out for mine or Mahesh's blood, you wont find me on my address any more .. I'm in Trivandrum and then Chennai visiting :-)..


Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Citation for comment acknowledged :-)
On a different note...
Oh blast, now I know why nobody's been picking up the phone when I call. Oh well, drop me a message when you're back. You are yet to face the mano-a-mano verbal assault that could turn your cephalic macaroni into fusilli (the reference is morphological).

Ajeya said...

ur review of the film is quite nice.

Hari said...

I'd say Mr Mahadevan's take was decent compared to a review that I had in mind. Sadly, I couldn't post it in my blog. :-( Will do it asap, if I get time, that is... :D

FreeBird said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FreeBird said...

What the heck? I cant delete my own comment in peace?
Hope you come back from your big trip and start blogging more chalis soon

Hari Vishnu said...

always glad to be promoting the great chali culture ;-)

Hari Vishnu said...

thanx :-).. im probably the only guy who wrote a 'nice' review for the film :-)..


so i guess ure ready to fire away at mr. kamal for the torture?

Hari Vishnu said...


sure thing man.. as soon as im settled.. ill be goin singapore soon..