Sunday, June 22, 2008


10 different roles, Crores of rupees, years of making, star-studded launch, Reshammiya at the music and Kamal, Asin and Mallika. Plenty of reason for you not to miss this Tamil blockbuster.

Unfortunately, skillfully as the movie has been made, the screenplay falls apart badly in the last half an hour or so of the movie. And if All's Well only that ends well, nothing is well with Dashavataram. I dont know about the Tamil audience, but the unbelievable stuff at the end invited plenty of boos from Keralite theatres.

Last half an hour apart, bottom line is : Great acting, good music, great action, nice scenes, decent plot, great Kamal, sexy Mallika and cute Asin. So dont miss it.

Ofcourse, not all the 10 roles have been played to perfection. Neither are they all instrumental to the plot, in fact only 3 or 4 characters really form the core of the plot. Make-up looks weird on some, like the lanky 'Khalifulla'(an Afghan?) and the Japanese master (man he was really corny). And again, when you start seeing the hero and villain do superhuman stunts, you know its time to go into 'timepass' mode and not take the movie too seriously, cos from then on apples start falling upwards. The throat cancer curing joke, ofcourse, took the cake.. somehow I expected that one, seeing the way the movie was going (for those who dint understand, watch it, you dont want me to break the suspense do u?).

Then theres the point of trying to satisfy every type of customer- scenes of Jayalalitha are followed soon by Karunanidhi's speech. Bush and Manmohan Singh sharing stage. And a praise to Allah is followed very soon by a Church bell, Amen, and then soon after by a scene of a Hindu idol. I thought that was pretty unnecessary.

But dont let all this take away the glory of the movie ! Kamal is a treat to watch in most roles. The priest rocks, the Vincent and Balram Naidu guys dialogue delivery are awesome, and George Bush make-up looks surprisingly convincing some places. The rest of the characters are pretty good too(except maybe the Japanese guy).

Mallika Sherawat is hot! (or is it just me?) And I thought Asin played her role of a conservative girl well too. She looks nice in the movie too :-).Reshammiya's music is a treat where it comes, especially the background scores.

And the sheer variety, speed and magnitude of the movie is reason for all you people sitting there to go and watch it at your nearest theatre !


Vinitha Vasanth said...

Nice review .. and thanks for not breaking the suspense .. got to watch the movie ..hasn't hit the theaters here yet

Quest said...

Here the theatres are still packed to full, looking forward to it in 2-3 days.....

I thought you would be saying the whole story here itself ;)

tarana said...

hmmm...dint get a chance watch it....
hoping to watcvh it soo...n

Hari said...

Nice scenes, my a$$!! I had a Hindi friend, who couldn't help mouth all the bloody BC, MC abuses at some of 'em! All the 65 crores went into creating such substandard CGI & animations? Was thoroughly disappointed!

And the sheer variety, speed and magnitude of the movie is reason for all you people sitting there to go and watch it at your nearest theatre !"

Duh! I was sleeping halfway through, well almost! I thought the movie was kinda drag!

Dude, you loved the music too? Well... Himesh hater that I am, I didn't quite like it...

And yeah, Kamal was awesome! He was the sole basis of the movie. Of course, Mallika was way too sexy. Loved her performance for the first time in my life!

Abhi said...

I hated the movie, and i really felt that the music sucked like anythin! I really feel that more than half the characters were just for the record and didn't add any value to te movie! I still think Kamal could hav done better

The Third Twin said...

dude , u gotta understand when it comes to kamal movies.. he is the lone performer and he is the best performer too.. apart from kamal's acting everything else was gibberish.First of all one of the worst graphics ever (u told me u missed the first 20 mins, thank god u missed the crap graphics...)
poor screenplay to certain roles, like u said no need of 10 kamal's and again its kamals movie,and he decided to make 10 roles, and he did it!
i loved the telugu guy and fletcher... asin was horrible. and this comment is from an ardent fan of all tamil movies and esp asin fan, so u can imagine how much she would ve irritated me. ppl who ve not seen the movie pls don read the next few sentences
After causing a major accident she is still hanging on to her so called god and is happy that he(i shud say 'it' thr-THE IDOL) is fine and does not have any remorse nor is she worried abt the others, even for the most god-loving ... too much of godly attachment i suppose..
Like i said only one thing that mattered was it was a kamal's movie and he has done an amazing it walking and shouting like the old lady or doing those stunts.. its kamal for u! the part where bullet takin away the cancer is all K.S Ravikumar's idea of ending the show which i am sure of, cos thats how he is( he is the director) and so does ending it with bush and manmohan singh. That jayalalitha video is a real video when tsunami struck chennai... speed of the movie was irritating at times...
and part where they show all ppl thanking their gods is kamals idea of propagating the idea that all god is one! cos he has done that in many a movies now.. I feel instead of concentrating on the well debated topic- is god there? they have tried to evoke certain thoughts in us. Lastly he says- " i am not telling god is not there, i am saying it would be nice if he (chauvinism not intended)is there" clearly explains what they were intending. And if u ask me why that 12th century story then i would say 2 reasons
1. its kamal
2. maybe u can draw parallels between what happened in 12th century and what happened in dec 2004, both these times they were fighting for a God's Idol but for a different reason, makin the so called god omni present and btw i will blog my perspectives abt this movie which i wanted to the next day it got released :), but i already have 3 unfinished blogs before this one..

Ps:- 1.It was not u alone, mallika was V sexy and irresistible :)

2. music sucked except for kallai mattum kandal song and oh ho sanam song
Commentator's note:- all that is written above is my views abt the movie and is definitely not to hurt anybody..if i did so it is unintentional.

Hari Vishnu said...

@vini and dosthi-ki-t
well dont expect too much from the movie.. after seeing the comments of those after u, seems like i liked the movie more than the avg audience :-)

ure sure lucky i dint break the story to u dude.. u'd be running for ur ilfe at the stupidity of the script then..

Hari Vishnu said...

@ hari and abhi

wooah.. looks like u ppl really hated the movie more than me eh.. well music was okay

to me, but yea the cgi and animation went really bad i must admit.. sad that despite

all the money, bollywood hasnt been able to catch up to hollywood in these things


Hari Vishnu said...


u almost wrote a whole post here eh:-).. thanx for the expert commentary from the

experienced tamil audience point-of-view..i've only heard ur views on rajini movies,

dint know how the tamil guy reacts to a kamal movie yet..

and yea, maybe the priest story can be interpreted that way.. another fight over god,

so to speak.. although not exactly.. watever, anyways i missed it

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

I haven't seen the movie, and don't intend to, but in any case, I hope this would still be apt :-)

Kamal - the shava thaaram
Himesh - dasha avathaaLam
Mallika - the sha-wah! thaaram
Appeasement - desha (I mean rashtriyam) avatharam

Hari Vishnu said...


beauty chalis man!! simply superb!!