Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time time everywhere.... but not a second to spare..

Whoever said vacations were full of time and should be made useful?

Every year at college, a common thing used to happen at our hostels. When the year was closing in, especially during exam time, the guys would discuss and make plans on what to do in the vacations. A long list (sometimes written) of what to do, would be the result of such endless and useless discussions. Mine would last atleast a page. It would include one or more of the following, and maybe other stuff too..

- Do regular exercise, maybe body build and go to a gym
- Read a whole lot of books
- Learn new stuff, maybe a new musical instrument, driving, etc
- Go through next sem's academic stuff (ya right)
- Visit a bunch of places

Unfortunately, not even 3 months of long boring vacations seem enough to make any of these happen fruitfully.

When I'm at home, the timetable changes dramatically. Sleep takes over completely, and even food comes secondary. Bodily needs are barely met. TV may finish up the day, if the computer does not take over. And once in a while, there may be an outing too. Most of the people seem to live on orkut during this time.

This is how my timetable looked during last years vacation :

0800 : Wake up to close door for parents to leave for work. Attend to calls (especially natures), and go back to sleep
1500 : Wake up again, for real this time. Brush up, and read newspaper
1530 : Eat breakfast+lunch+tea, whatever this meal is called
1600 - 1800 : Doze off under effects of huge meal mentioned above, maybe sit in front of TV.
1830 : Have tea or whatever eye catches in kitchen
1800 - 2100 : Try to find something more interesting to do than TV. This could be a) seeing a movie on comp, b) reading a book, c) sleeping again !

Generally, doing items a) and b) would result in item c) inevitably.

2130 : Have dinner
2200 : Sit on computer
2300 : Play Dota/Browse net/Orkut
2400 : Play Dota/Browse net/Orkut
0100 : Play Dota/Browse net/Orkut

and so on, till

0400 : Play Dota/Browse net/Orkut

By now Dad wakes up, so I find its better that I sleep. So..

0500 : Go to Sleep again.

Around 10 hours of sleep per day. And remaining spent on comp and eating. A whole lot productive wasnt it.

So the end result of last times vacation?.. Very pretty :

Stuff learnt : Nil
Exercise done : Nil (few hours if I'm lucky)
Books read : Nil
Places gone to : Nil (a few movies maybe)
Academic stuff gone through : Not to mention


Wetfingers said...

Can imagine you saying this with your hand gestures...check these problogging sites might egg you on..

Hari said...

Well, I was living like this all through my current 'vaccation' :P

Or rather, you just mentioned how I spend a holiday! :-)

Abhi said...

I'd say that this is the routine for almost anyone who's stuck @ home without anything else to do! I've had many such occasions or rather vacations :). Even now when i came home after few months of work for a VACATION, i just follow the same routine, with the exception of meeting some relatives and friends as the only change. Rest is all same, orkut, blogs, download movies, watch movies, download more movies, and not getting time to watch them :). Great productivity improvement in lifestyle :)

Quest said...

Its the same routine for me too but I have done away with sleeping again after waking up in the morning.
Have cut down my time in the night (pressure from amma) cut-off time is 00:00 and a 8 hr sleep :)

Drunken Mind.. said...

my vacations got over even without my knowing..think the only productive thing i ve done is blogging this time around..

Hari Vishnu said...


thanx dude, u got any plans on going really pro with blogging? i mean, gettin ur own webdomain and all? ill probably just stick to hoping with google adsense for now :-)

Hari Vishnu said...

@ hari
well that makes 2 of us who wasted away 2 months of our lives :-)

Hari Vishnu said...

@ abhi, drunken and viajero
or rather, that makes a whole lot of us who've been wasting away our lives.. guess we're not alone after all !

jvvas said...

Hey nice man.. u r bringin out stuff that we normally take for granted and never feel it weird until we discuss it after the vacations

Hari Vishnu said...


yup man, lots of things are like that, esp most of college life was stuff like that right.. wen we think abt it later, we feel it was really something worth writing abt..

no wonder '5-point someone' became a hit.. even though most of the stuff in it are wat we may already know abt or have experienced..

Quest said...

would like to be an author in Earth Matters?

Hoping to kick off posting in that from today...

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Dei! What's with this color revolution on your blog? Have you gone 70s? Or are you trying to make it look like the typical highschool girl's notebook (may I thank god that you haven't used a highlighter anywhere...).
About the post: Vacations are invariably this way. Plan a zillion things, do exactly the opposite - why? If you keep working, your parents will feel concerned. If you sit idle, your parents will be happy for the moment, and by the end of it, they will voluntarily chuck you out so you can continue on to whatever it is next on your calendar :-)

Hari Vishnu said...


yyyeeup.. true..

the colours.. i dont know sometimes just plain white writing looks drab to me, thats y..

Neethu said...

lol..that's so very true...despite of making 'n' number of vacation resolutions...i end up spending most of the days like this....;)

Hari Vishnu said...

resolutions were always meant to be broken eh..