Friday, June 6, 2008

Branch spirit is not an alcohol. :-). But its definitely the most addictive high I've ever had.

When I remember my branch, the EEE batch of 08, my first thought goes back to Debutante and Sangam 04. These were inter-branch cultural/literary fests held for first years exclusively. We were doing particularly bad. There was no cheering. No spirit. No unity. Open quarrels and divides. We lost the competitions badly. We were mocked, and even we accepted- we tricals probably had bad misunderstandings, bad talent and no unity. It had lost us. It was a moment I'd rather not remember.

Then 2nd year came. We had common classes. We started getting along. People started talking. Every persons Birthday led to common Treats in the corps. GPLs every now and then. [For people who dont know the terminology, GPLs are a pain in the ass, you can see my 21st Bday GPL Video on the right here, poor me :-( ] And ofcourse, a common hatred towards the academic system and a unanimously lazy attitude towards studies and teachers. We definitely had more in common than we had thought.

3rd year was the turning point. First I remember the Kaapad beach trip some of us had, and a Marketing trip to Kochi. The 8-9 of us who were together in this were really gelled together. We thought in the same frequency when it came to the idea of enjoying, or unity, or something like that. That probably started it off. Our group stuck on together for the remainder of college days.

Then it was the Branch trip to Kodaikanal. That did the trick. I remember all the highs and lows we had to go through for it. Being CR, I was in the thick of it all. People pulling out every second. Having to push people into the trip so that another 50 bucks would be saved off every one else's back. Obstacles from the department. Permission problems. Having to bargain and use contacts in everything from transportation to accommodation. Making an itinerary to go with everyones demands and meeting deadlines. Man, that trip was more tension to me than an exam.

But finally it happened. And then I realized the magnitude of what we'd done. Something no branch in our batch in NITC had ever pulled off before. Plus, when you spend 3 days completely together in a bus or hotel or seeing scenery or walking in a park, I dont know why, you just get another mile closer to everyone (how else do u measure how 'close' ? :-) ). That trip did the magic for us. People shared responsiblity, tensions and work for the trip. Our plans worked. And most importantly, we were one branch. Around 47 people thinking as one.

4th year was the final concrete. Classes were much more interesting, something we always looked forward to. Everyone knew everyone else, and not many were actually silent in class. I actually looked forward to classes sometimes just to see 60 people in class.

We pulled off another Branch trip to Mysore. We had to face an equal amount of difficulties this time too. And again, the trip magic worked, we came together like never before. And created a record maybe in NITC. And earned a name among the faculty too as a very united branch, very fond of trips.

Then again we pulled off another trip to Kaapad beach. And followed it up with a dinner. And hot seat. That really finished it. Everyone knew everyone else's secrets. We were completely open. We pulled off another one too, to a nearby river. In a matter of half a day. Treats and trips were commonplace by now. We had learnt the art of getting together, of enjoying as one large group.

And now when I think back, I sorely wish that the unity that followed had been with us since first year. Well, Atleast it was there.

Its one thing to miss your parents and family. But its completely another thing to miss 70 people including guys and girls who think like you. I can only hope that the spark (no pun) of Electrical unity remains a flame forever.

(PS : We still keep in touch, many of us. We've had still more get-togethers and trips since college closed. In Wayanad, Kochi. Trivandrum, etc etc etc.)


Abhi said...

Being a guy who studied mechanical engineering, i'd say branch passion is something that's the most important feeling one can get onto in college years. Be it screaming at th top of ur voice 'Royalmexx ki jai' or be it beating th shit outta other branches in all matters(non academic tht is :) ) or even hitting upon th gals in other branches, we've always had pleasure doing it th mech way.

Have a gr8 future n do keep in touch with ur friends. As i always say, thy're the best link to ur past. :d

Hari Vishnu said...


yep, in touch always..

i c uve inherited enough of the global phenomenon of 'royal mech' attitude :-)..

Quest said...

Viruuu somewhere in the earlier post i read that that was goin to be the last post on colg days....can't control is it or running short of ideas or empty mind is now longer devil's wrkshop? ;)

Drunken Mind.. said...

yeah man.amit's right..i can understand what u r feelin , but i feel its time to call quits and let the spirit rest in peace..

Abhi said...

Duh! I thought tht phenomenon was quite evident from everything in my blog, even the url of th blog. :)

PS:Nevertheless Lemme add, i was, am and always will be PROUD TO BE A ROYALMEXXIAN

-=A.R.N.=- said...

That video was tops...reminds me of my second year

VV$ said...

@ hari
such a nice post... so nostalgic.. but u destroyed it all with ur chalis... but i guess chalis are integral part of us alle... cant live without it...

Hari Vishnu said...


yo man the memories just keep flowing out.. cant stop them.. wat abt ur blog, havent seen a new one in sometime..

Hari Vishnu said...

@drunken subrat

sorry man i dint quite exhaust all i had to write abt the spirit:-).. was lookin at some fotos of our trips the other day, and then the treat etc wen i just got into the mood.. so just posted away..

Hari Vishnu said...


njoy the spirit dude.. in or collg the royal mex rocked too.. esp in the 1st year wen we lost the cultural festivals, guess who won them :-)..

Hari Vishnu said...


painful video aint it.. i still flinch wen i see it..


yup.. u got it.. chalis are part of the system now.. cant avoid them :-)..reminds me of vasu who cracked chalis at the wongest time, even wen we were in a senti mood or something :-)..

Neethu said...

Dat was quite memorable,eventful 4yr life wasn’t it?
‘I can only hope that the spark (no pun) of Electrical unity remains a flame forever.’…hehe nice!
Btw didu notice tat ur post dsnt hav a title?

anupa said...

nice penmanship hari...totally awesome...a 'goin bac in time' was possible...all those treats n trips did it for us...a lifetime of memories..

rachelin george said...

hmmm.....dat was a pretty nostalgic blog....wonder wether we'll feel the sae wen we reach our final year

Hari Vishnu said...


hehe the puns are a permanent mark nitc left on me.. too bad itll remain..

yep i did notice it dint have a title.. but got too lazy to chenge it :-)..

Hari Vishnu said...


thanks, im sure u liked it cos those memories were something we tricals could relate to..


if ure still in college, ure probably hating it with all ur life too. but once its over, trust me, ull be blogging about college memories too !