Sunday, June 1, 2008

Game of Tag

So while i write up my next one, heres a tag I've been procrastinating for quite sometime. It seemed such a girlie thing to do before, but now I think its quite an interesting experience. I was tagged a looong time ago by Saritha (:-s sorry, and thankyou Saritha) and instead of fooling around, I've been quite frank in this one ...

Eight things I am passionate about:

1. My family: Mom, Sis and Dad. They're the world to me. Everything else is secondary. (Even girls!)
2. My friends: Cant live without the society and its chitchat around me. Both sexes needed in equal amounts :-)

3. Knowledge: Anything interesting and new to learn, I'd love to spend time on it. I respect people who can pull facts out of thin air too, for that matter, be it in any field.
4. God: not to be too serious about it, but this something that gives me direction when im lost. The silver lining amohng the dark clouds. Thats what I cant do without.
5. Food: Both cooking and eating. Have'nt yet got on top of the first one, though.

6. My Laptop : I wonder what I'd 50% of my life if it were'nt for my lappie.
Since it came into my life, I've been able to forget everything around me and just spend time on it. Ultimate time-wasting tactic, needless to say.
7. Books : I just live through them. Any author is God for me once i finish reading his book.

8. Multimedia : Er, sorry for the technical term, but I guessed music, movies and videos couldnt be grouped together in any better way :-).

Eight things I want to do before I die:

I'll keep this really modest (hehe)
1. Travel to a) Everest b) Kailasa c) Switzerland and d) the South pole

2. Tell all my family and friends every little bit I've thought of them or any secret Ive hidden from them.
3. Become a real action hero, like the kind you see in the movies. Dude, seriously !
4. Plunge into mysticism, astronomy, meta-physics, psychiatry and religion.
5. Become world famous in whatever i'm doing. And make sure my name stays period.

6. See a) the Aurora b) a Tsunami c) an Earthquake (from a safe distance ofcourse, whatever that is)

Make a loooooot of money, enough for all the following generations and also for me to spend the rest of my life in Pizza Hut eating.

And the last thing before I die...

8. To close my eyes seeing a masterpiece of nature like the one on the right (this one is a sunset at Fort Kochi beach)

Eight things I say often:

1. Oh Shite!
2. Oh maaannnnn...

3. Entammmoo !
4. Oh my Gaaad !

5. Really? (sarcastic smile included)

6. Ya right! (ditto0

7. Mmm hmmm.. (I wonder if that can be classified as 'saying' )

8. Ente Palli (translated into malayalam, stands for 'My Church'. Makes no sense does it)

Eight books I’ve read recently:

1. Kite Runner by Khaleid Hosseini

2. In spite of the Gods (highly recommended) by Edward Luce

3. The Interpretation of dreams (almost) by Freud

4. Pappilon
5. Cheiro's book of fate and fortune

6. Harry Potter 7 (yea, that old :-))
7. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach

8. The Art and Craft of Poetry

Maybe I should add something like 'Electrical Technology by B.L. Theraja to give you an idea of what I've actually been reading for 4 years.

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:

None. Any song i listen to too many times, I get tired of. But heres a list of my all time favorites.

1. Devasabhathalam in His higness Abdullah

2. Harivarasanam (a devotional to Ayyappa)

3. Vasantha mullai in Pokkiri

4. Du Hast by Rammstein

5. Asche Zu Asche by Rammstein

6. Shivadam (another classical Malayalam number)

7. Thaye Yashoda in Morning Raga

8. Kalai dinavum

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends:

1. That I listen
2. My Fool-around style humour
3. That they can pull me up and give me a GPL anytime (yeouch)

4. Interest in long conversations

5. Keenness to do Work (ahem ahem)

6. Neutral and Safe approach to relations

7. Sense and practicalness (hmm...)

8. That I keep in touch in some small way or the other

Eight people I think should do this tag

1. Viajero
2. Naren
3. Abhi
4. Rahman
5. VVS
6. Monster
7. Subrata
8. Wetfingers
Also Vinitha, Warrier, Vasu and a bunch of non-bloggers who I wish would start soon!


ആ‍പ്പിള്‍ said...

yeh, really loved the Eight things u want to do before u die (except 7, "Make a loooooot of money, enough for all the following generations", there should be some motivation for them to work, otherwise they 'll be spending their whole life in Pizza Hut!!)
3 may be difficult for u!! 'm sure u can do rest of them.

ആ‍പ്പിള്‍ said...

'v read something interesting on yday's mathrubhoomi daily. the chinese believe that 8 is the luckiest number. so 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will get started at 8hrs 8min on 8-8-08. u too 'v such beleieves??

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe.. but then thats how a typical malayali thinks isnt it.. save enough for us, and our kids, (and their kids)^infinity..

no superstitions about 8 though.. not a numerology freak as much as astrology or palmistry :-)

ആ‍പ്പിള്‍ said...

hari, nice to c that u r interested in malayalam blogging as well. In oreder to view malayalam blogs properly, download the font Anjali Old Lipi from the link below to ur windows/fonts folder.

for blogging in malayalam, u need to install varamozhi and mozhi keyman which u can get from the same link. when varamozhi is installed u go to the location were it is being installed, there will be a fonts folder inside varamozhi folder, copy those fonts to windows/fonts folder. after the installation of keyman, an icon (an arrow) will appear on the taskbar, which will help u to toggle between malayalam and english. choose malayalam and if u type as amma it will appear as അമ്മ.

just go to the following links to learn more about malayalam blogging

all these will work with internet explorer & windows (dont know the case with mozilla and linux)

let me know if u need any further info.

VV$ said...

nice man... its interesting... and btw check out the details of our travels in my blog ;)

Hari Vishnu said...


thanx, ill b starting soon

Hari Vishnu said...


sure thing man, i was about to post the next one on that too..

Abhi said...

Hey being the 8th comment on this post i'm honoured.:) i loved the 8 things u wanna do. I wonder how'll u witness a tsunami from a safe distance. :). Pinne thanks for taggin me. I've got one tag waiting in the sideline, but will surely do this before i start my trip home next week. Have a gr8 time.

Abhi said...
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Abhi said...
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-=A.R.N.=- said...

Gee thx loads dude.
I'll get right on mine now...

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Gee thx loads dude.
I'll get right on mine now...