Sunday, May 25, 2008

Power of blogging - Legends

The power of blogging is really too much, and i keep on hearing more and more blogger success stories..

Meenaxi Madhavan, who blogs at The Compulsive Confessor, seems to have a pretty popular blog going. She was recently invited to some talk show to talk on blogging apparently. Now, it seems she has been invited to author a book. The publisher apparently invited her after reading her blog!

Crystal Blur, who writes excellent spoof-fantasy at, is another excellent blogger. She has a laaaarge fan following,. Do read the Mahabharata Series and the Rishyashringa series by her, they're sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing your asses out. One of her comments is from a film producer, who claims to have liked the blog and invites her to write a script for a animation movie he's taking. Talk about making money for something you like!

Kiruba Shankar's stories on the power of blogging are awesome. He talked at FOSSMeet '07 about how he blogged about Trisha's bathing video, and how he was finally contacted and then intimidated by Perk, the Chocolate company brand, because his blog was threatening Trisha's image. Trisha was apparently Perk's brand ambassador! And when people googled Trisha Bathing Video, the first link they hit was Kiruba's Post on Trisha!! No wonder people go for paid blog sites.

Another story from Kiruba is how a blog by another blogger brought about a fall in the sales graph of Club Mahindra's Kodaikanal tour trip package sales. Atul Chitnis was telling us how a blog entry by him, and subsequent follow ups from other readers, led to an improvement in Yahoo's yahoogroups, which was showing a number of technical problems at the time.

How much true these are I cannot say, but nevertheless, the stories floating around are a real encouragement to keep typing are'nt they?


Abhi said...

That's what happens when u take up blogging seriously. But then how many of us do that? Most of us start bloggin to vent out the frustrations in our minds. That's what makes bloggin so popular, anyone can start it and u can post about anythin u want.

Anyways thanks for the wonderful list. Some new names in the blogs i'll read for sure :)

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Some of the people you mentioned have wonderfully good blogs...but I agree with abhi, most of US just blog a) to went out frustrations or
b) because we have nothing else to do or
c) we think we're the next J.K Rowling :D

In any case, I guess it goes to show the real power of blogging.

Rock on!

Hari Vishnu said...


true true.. i started blogging as a sort of diary, to vent out hidden feelings or secrets.. then because i had nothing else to do.. then i continued it cos of the 3rd reason u mentioned :-).. well put..

Hari Vishnu said...


hmm i wonder how far the power of serious blogging can go..

yea those links are some of my common reads.. especially the mahabharata series by crystal blur is amazingly adictive ! :-0..

Quest said...

Hey you forgot to mention Viajero as one of the legends.....repetition of mistakes will not be tolerated ;)

Hari Vishnu said...


hehe sorry dude.. missed that one out.. but then ur leendary blogs still there in my blogroll ;-)