Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Those were the best days of my life...

The link on top to this blog, says college-memories. Thats what this blog was meant to be. And it hurts me to say this might be the last blog on college memories that I'm putting up.

So here it is, the last few days of my life at NITC, probably the last memories I'll have of the place. And this is the end to the college-senti Trilogy of posts i guess. I shall try to avoid emotions in this post as much as possible, simply because if i started doing that, this post would never end.

Curse of the Project Presentation :

The worst part about the last days, more than the fact that my friends were leaving, was that I couldnt even wish them farewell cos I was caught up in my project presentation. It got over on 30th, and I'm really sorry about this bad technical standard shown in such a class institute, but not a soul came to investigate our project to see whether it was working or not. I was secretly happy that they dint see what we dint do. My project mates were pissed, they dint even appreciate what we did. That was a lot. Our project was 'Solar Powered Electric Vehicle'.

The Closest go First :

My roommate for 4 years, K.V.Varun called me up at the end and said he had already left for his hometown. At first, I felt no emotion, and said the usual 'take care, see you in Chennai ' etc stuff. My other roomie, Subrat was about to leave too.

The First Tears:

It was 10 min later in the MC, that it struck me that the closest 2 guys in my life were about to leave me. Forever. It struck me hard like a pile of books. I put down the Cold Coffee and started crying. I couldnt control it, so i ran to my room and wept for another half an hour.

The Nanyang treat :

Then 8 of us tricals went to the Sea queen as My and Narens treat for getting into Nanyang University. The food was good, the cocktails were awesome. The beach was really beautiful and so was the star filled nightsky. We sang antakshari all the way till there and back too.Came back and listened to senti music and rock, and burnt newspapers just for the sake of it. For fun. We made 'E's out of fire (See pic on the right) to represent EEE, our branch. Our friends. Our whole life at NITC

Formalities headache :
May 1 was a day full of formalities and headaches, like getting the no dues and trying to clear the red tape at the AB. All of us started early morning, and by evening we were all exhausted. All done and clear.

One down:

In the night, Shambu was about to leave. We had dinner with him in Kattangal and a treat from Rituraj for IIM-B admission. Around 30 NITCians left that night in a bus, including Shambu.

In the night, we all got together and played cards. 9 of us. We listened to 'Confusion theerkaname..' a mallu song in memory of Shambu (mallus- got the pun in the song wrt Shambu?) Then I went back as I had to pack up to go home next day.


It came. 3 of us were leaving today. I had finished packing up. G-man, me and Naren. We had booked Sumos. It reached around noon. I loaded the luggage, then got in after all the goodbyes waved and farewell hugs given to all the rest, including Warrier, VVS, Vasu and Britto. We went to LH to collect Laxmi.

The girls were crying there. So I couldnt hold back. It started. My crying spree.

And as I left my college, the last scene I saw, that of the road (called Rajpath by us) beyond the gate, with fallen leaves and the royal MB at the other end, was one that would be embedded into my mind for eternity. No exaggerations.

We had a final lunch together in Mezban - me, Laxmi, Naren and Nithin. Then Laxmi broke into crying again. I followed. And finally Naren broke up too.

The Kochiites, me and Laxmi got into the Sumo. I sent my Nanyang application hardcopy by courier, and then me and Laxmi had some arbit conversations. Then we both fell silent, both left to our thoughts, senti music playing in the background catalysing our emotions.

Cry Cry Crying all the way...

The rest of the trip was crying. Pure unadulterated sincere crying. I think that day I have beaten all the girls at their forte. None of the male ego or 'must-be-strong' attitude worked. As aptly put by Naren in his blog. How many gallons of salt water I dont know. But it took me all the way till Ernakulam from Calicut to finish up my crying.

And I dont think that even now when I think of those days, I cant hold back my tears... Like Naren said, I wonder if Ive reached home now or left it.


-=A.R.N.=- said...

Feels like just yesterday I was doing the same thing.
Can't believe its actually been over 3yrs now since I've graduated.

Know how you feel bro...felt the same way.

Just want you to know, things will never be the same again, but it does move on to other good things!

Most important thing is to stay in touch with your buddies.
Good luck!

Hari Vishnu said...

hmm thanx 4 dat bro.. i'm hoping too that itll move onto other good things now..

Chellu said...

Memories Remain :)

Abhi said...

This was straight from the heart. Really could feel my last days in college when i read this one. I was among the (un)lucky one's who'd gone to college as a day scholar. So i can't relate much to hostel life. But since i've started working i've been in a hostel n i'll miss these days if i were to quit my job. Even though u hadn't put any emotional words as u had promised, the emotion came right thru. I can really say is that life after n before college isn't gonna be anywhere near the fun u had in college. Like rahman said, keep in touch with ur friends. Hold on to the one's who are really precious, not coz they are precious but coz They are the best link to ur past. Have a gr8 time in singapore:)

Abhi said...
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Wetfingers said...

Crying babies..what non sense. To control myself..i just picture kakkacherry, deans, A-mess, Condonation letters...etc..it gets easier..

Wetfingers said...

Crying babies..what non sense. To control myself..i just picture kakkacherry, deans, A-mess, Condonation letters...etc..it gets easier..

Hari Vishnu said...


true, i tried not to be senti, but i gues it did come out here n there.. thanx..

@ bhadra

lets hope atleast the memories do remain :-)..

Hari Vishnu said...


hehe.. nothing to say to u.. the AB and the wardens and all that u said do come to me, somehow they just make me laugh and miss college all the more..

admit it dude, wen ure bored, u still get out the door thinking monster or takla will be doin something interesting next door dont u..

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Ah, the emotional rollercoaster of getting away from college. I have been doing a lot to avoid the emotional ramifications of this kind of event, by deploring the heat :-)
But I will treasure a gentleman teardrop (I am a bit of a strong proponent of "boys-don't-cry") for the place that has seen me in the prime of my youth, for 4 years that have changed me so much I am probably rubbing my eyes when I take a look at myself (mostly on the inside, but hey, that's me).

Hari Vishnu said...

boys-dont-cry.. HA.. nice try nai..

cant believe a tear is all that came out of u after 4 years at iitm..

cour,se no point in it.. we gotta move onto bigger better thigns anyways.. best of luck for irvine..

Quest said...

I thought I must have commented on this b4 :-? did i write it somewer else, some1 else's blog :|

Cry babies hehehe :D

Quest said...

Btw where is your chali post? wanted to comment on that :(

Gunner said...

seems like nitc and nitcians never change.. great post.
cheers for the past, the present and the future.