Friday, May 9, 2008

Coming up next : Blog on Blog Publicity!

Kiruba Shankar, the famous blogger, had recently come to our NITC campus as part of FOSSMeet '08, to talk on the power of blogging and blog publicity.. The talk was really awesome, it was more of a group activity like, where everyone got to give their ideas.. and some of the points and ideas on blog publicity set me thinking..

I'll post the conclusions from his talk soon..

Before that, Please Vote on the poll on the right sidebar, on

"How did u come by my blog?".. (I think I already know what gets the majority :-) )

PS : Was surprised to find a poll among the other things available here.. Blogger Rocks!


Quest said...

Guess.....the option for me isn't included in the list ;)
btw landing 2moro in ekm, if ur free we can meet....

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Never underestimate the power of linking blogs:
(that's how I got here :D)

Most people I know don't bother to search for blogs on google, primarily because:

a) Google has a separate "Blog search" that's different frm the regular search...and second-level domains such as service-hosted blogs don't turn up on regular search.

b) because most ppl only read blogs of people they know, or someone they know, knows.

Blogging is as much a social activity as it is an intellectual one.

Lemme know if you thinking of going pro.

Rock on dude!

Hari Vishnu said...


hmm.. wat is ur option then?..

Hari Vishnu said...


cool dude thanx for the info..hmm ya i know i get to other ppl's blogs thru linking blogs and thru comments too.. mos of my usually read blogs are that way.. blog search has helped me find some too..]

but self-publicity works the most, as u can see from my poll too! :-0

Quest said...

1)First I commented on ur blog
2)You didn't tell me to read it ;)
3)First went to your blog only so no chance of seeing your comment on others blog to make me come to ur blog :D
4)Didnt find a link (same as 3)
5)Didn't use blogger search anytime
6)What is google search? ;)
7)And some other way would be being friends and having common interests :)

Hari Vishnu said...


hehe.. guess its none of the above then :-).. u coming to kochi tomorrow right?..