Monday, March 5, 2007

21st Birthday of a lifetime- Beach, Ball and Booze

The day

I suddenly woke up on my 21st birthday,and asked myself "Why dont i feel any different"?.I know,many of u people out there do the same.I did it all the way till my
21st.This time, though, there WAS a difference.

The sleepy morning hours went through the same
waking-late-make-a-run-for-it-to-reach-class-just-in-time-for routine.Classes were the same thing as classes were meant to be- boring.At lunch break i walked to the front of the class to make the announcement

"Okay everyone- birthday treat at corps at 12.30"
That did it.The power of the word
"treat" is something you shouldnt underestimate-it can turn a whole population around-friendships break over this word-people die over this word-so anyways all the guys who were running for their lunch a minute ago remembered they had a reason to be back in class...

The Treat

So there i was, 5 minutes later in the corps, waiting for ppl to show up for my own birthday treat-heck, nothing can be more embarassing.But soon they started arriving in numbers small and large,that i started wishing they wouldnt turn up so much after all.End Result : a bill of Rs 543,plus the broken glass.

There was, ofcourse, the grand
GPL session.. jargon illiterates out there-thats Gaand Pe Laand-its a real 'kick-ass' experience, literally..time for ur ass to get kicked..a time for everyone to take out their frustration on ur posteriors.The cake fight was another important one-the people decided that I needed to improve my complexion,and cake cream would do better over last years gift of 'Fair and Lovely'..

Without much ado,12 of us boarded a jeep and raced away to Kaapad beach.The question of
Who should drive was solved by MSN Vinod taking the wheel,and I still regret that decision in my life.Have you heard the usage 'reached in no time'-I think it must have been the shock that kept us speechless until he jammed on the brakes at Kaapad.Oh, and we stopped over at Kerala Beverages to buy the booze too,which is when I came to know what an amateur I was at alcohol.All the 'decent' guys around me seemed to have a lot of experience-they were like veterans who have drunk bottles after bottles, who knew the fit and feel of every drop they taste,the type who meet once in while and have conversations that go like 'The other day i had to drink up a whole bottle to get drunk..Smirn-Off is'nt so strong u know' and all...

Kaapad beach

Kaapad beach- its one of the most beautiful places I have ever set eyes on, believe me.If you want to chill out, Kaapad beach is the right place to be.But NOT when the sun is shining hard right through the thick of your bones at 1 pm in the afternoon.Well we had to learn this the hard way.So after a failed attempt at beach football,we decided the water was a better idea...

The Sunset

After all the beach volleyball and water somersaulting(and yes,a bit of bathing),we got out of the water, and watched the sunset at Kaapad. Its one of those sceneries in life that make you wonder about life, the universe and everything. The sort of thing that makes us silent all by itself, and keeps us thinking about everything from nature and beauty to tomorrows Control Systems assignment.Something I'll never forget.

Time for the return journey. Dinner was large-1 hour of pure age-old animal instincts taking over any remaining bit of culture in us-complete with burps and all the works. Then we went to the Calicut beach to chill off,and ofcourse,digest off all that food.After a good 1 hour of digestion and discussions,we returned back to the hostels to start of the Booze Show..

The Booze
(Warning : I am not responsible for any shit i fall into due to this )

Room 340 was where I finally lost my alcohol-virginity.Though I was shit-scared about being in control and not throwing up all over he place,it wasnt so bad.To be frank the alcohol tasted bad-the pickles felt much better (yeah,we had the appetizers on too).But the high part of the getting drunk was truly rewarding.The sensation of losing balance was pretty new to me except maybe that one time I sat through a one hour session of Power Electronics.One of us suggested taking the 'Sobriety test' of balance.So we must have looked like a weird bunch,walking up and down the coridoor
'testing our balance',and blabbering all sorts of nonsense.One of us (name withheld on request)suddently broke into a frenzy of dancing and shouting,and then i realised I was actually one of the people in control.Or was I?.Except for the constant talking and imbalance,I dint show much problems(okay,maybe thats not so normal after all).We decided the night air would be useful, so we drove us for a night drive to a nearby place (Luckily one of us wasnt drunk and could still drive).Finally we returned later at around 3 to our hostels.

So there goes the story of how i joined the
'have tried alcohol' club.Currenly i am also part of the 'have tried alcohol but will not drink again club'. Ya Right...