Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where Creativity Begins...the Toilets..

To the average smartass who wonders why i chose to write about toilets of all the things in the world, let me tell you, these funny-sounding 6-letter words are one of the most common issues in hostel life.Toilet cleanliness is something you dont see in many places around India. But its one of the most favorable living conditions u can ever get- clean toilets. I have known people to choose rooms, hostels and even colleges based only on the toilets they get there.Cleanliness and hygiene is really important in a place where each toilet is used atleast a 100 times a day. In this aspect, it is with some pride (no smiling, guys) that i say at NITC, the toilet culture is pretty much advanced.

Recently, some of my friends had the luck of participating in a cultural festival in a college outside (no name will be mentioned).And guess what struck them most-u guessed i
t-the situation of the toilets there. Really, it struck them so much to the extent that even our newsletter article on the culfest contained more stuff about the t*****ts there. Mention of experiences of using pickle-jars instead of mugs, etc etc..things u just dont want to know if youre eating your lunch.

Amazingly, this turned out to be a hot topic of discussion recently too when top blogger Kiruba Shankar visited our college. Who might have thought engineering students who prefer to talk about girls and movies and games would touch upon issues such as this.That too with so much interest!Thats when it really struck me..People of NITC,u have atleast something to be proud of- your own toilets!

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