Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sierra counter strike-s people all over the world

And the award for the greatest destruction of mankind's resources goes to Sierra,for bringing out their masterpiece..
The greatest game ever... Half-Life Counterstrike.

According to statistics,Counter-Strike(CS) is still the most widely played online first-person shooter in the world,and has comfortably made its place in history.In 2002 there were over 30,000 Counter-Strike servers on the Net(2nd was UT with only 9800).In 2004,statistics showed over 85000 players playing CS at any point in time!And in 2006, Steam regularly shows over 200,000 players for CS!
And this is the best statistic of all-according to Steam,these contribute to over 6.177 billion minutes of playing time each month! Thats 12000 man-years lost in just 1 BLOODY MONTH!

Here in NITC,any average day starts of with CS.Here,y
ou can wake up to the cries of 'Go Go Go' and 'Fire in the Hole' and the unmistakable sound of AK-47 gunshots.In the hostels,CS madness peaks at around midnight(and NO, its NOT the time for sleep).This is when all the 'cults' & 'clans' & 'mobs' gang up and spent the rest of the night banging away anything that moves onscreen..some of the madder ones buy more expensive screens,keyboards and even mousepads because they thought it could help them bag a few more extra headshots..HA,think of that..a professional Counterstrike MousePad!

Ever heard of 'Familiarity breeds contempt'?Thats what i thought until i saw these guys here.Some of them have bunked whole few months of classes and ear
ned attendance shortages in record time,only for CS.The NITC habitat seems to suit the evolution of these timeless creatures who know of nothing but the coloured pixels moving on their screens..You gotta admire the concentration..half this dedication put into an exam would definitely earn them top marks..ofcourse,no student in his right mind opts for boring exams over CS.

And i thought I'd seen it all until the day I saw them studying CS.. STUDYING
CS Gaming Videos to improve on their game!..unbelievable..and about specialisations- "u be the sniper, i'll be the bomber etc etc"..and about CS videos watched all over the place(pretty impressive)..and the other day i heard a conversation about this immortal being called 'the Edge' coming down to South India who was in fact just one of the better CS players in South India..
"..The Edge.. 20 continuous headshots..best CS player in South India.. dude you dont know him?!..and u call urself a college student.."etc etc..he went on like this until i was sure my engineering career was going the wrong way really..

So on the serious side,I have now come to alarmingly realise that CS craze in colleges has gone to unbelievable levels.And when u see that a whole continent could be created with all those wasted man-hours,you will agree with me that the award for the greatest destruction of mankind's resources goes to Sierra,for their masterpiece..

..The greatest game ever..
Half-Life Counterstrike!

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