Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ookay, here I am, back to the b'sphere after a nice long period of exams and deadlines. Back to the 'high life' for me. Not much of work pressure now, and waking up is getting so hard because I have been infected by the 'Snooze-flu' (Its more of a mind game than a disease :)). So often here's how a typical day starts for me :

8:50 am : Alarm 1 rings

"Whats that irritating sound? Oh, alarm 1 ofcourse. Purposely selected as the most annoying piece of 'music' among the available list of cacophonies in my cellphone... (Quickly switching off alarm 1) .. The limits of self-torture on myself I have to endure to wake up myself sometimeszzzz.."..

9.20 am : Alarm 2 starts blaring away

"Heey.. its barely 5 minutes since I stopped that last one.. (Take a look at watch) ... Ok maybe more than 5 mins, but too little anyway.. (Eyes barely open, hands working dextrously to disable A3) Anyway, my roomie Ravi is sleeping too, I think I should wait to see if the next alarm ringszzzz..."..

9.30 am : Alarm 3 shouts into my ears

"Ooh Gaawd.. Cant a man sleep in peace.. 5 more minutes.. Just 5 more minutes.. I think I'll sleep for 5 more minutesszzzz"..

(1.5 hours later)

11.00 am : Ravi shouting the time into my ears (along with a most unparliamentary choice of words that never fails to wake me up)

"What the $%@ is that !@#$ shouting?.. 11 ? What 11 ? (One eye opens to steal a gaze at the clock)

OH MY !@#s.. When did a 5 minutes nap turn into 1.5 hours ! Meeting deadline missed, I am soo screwed.. "

And there starts off my day :)..


Mahesh Mahadevan said...

It's all in the game...

I have given up on alarms. I now wake up when my body decides to. It is a risk with classes, but so far, it has paid off.

Anonymous said...

I wake up at 6, 6 30, 6 50, 7 15, 7 30 and finally at 7 45 :)

Anon said...

I wake up at 7,then 7 45.
Dont use too many alarms,since im never really serious abt getting up @ 7 :D

Hari Vishnu said...

that pic is rofl dude ! explains the situation in the best possible way..

good if u can trust ur bio-clock that way.. I dont trust myself to wake up before 11 am without an alarm :)

roofl.. dude.. u need a more irritating alarm tone

Hari Vishnu said...

@krik krak
the first alarm is simply for me to get up and switch off and go back to sleep again.. simply to enjoy that heavenly joy of going back to sleep in the morning..

Hari said...

So you were doing this for the past month, I guess! :P

Happens with everybody!! :D Even me. So I just stopped putting alarms. Trying to let my biological clock do the waking up! ;)

Abhi said...

How many posts u wanna dedicate to your sleeping habits? :)

But as Hari said the bio clock works perfect. My body gets up automatically @ 6 AM no matter how drunk i am or how late i slept. :)

Quest said...

Seeking permission for using the 'hari & kari' pic in my blog post :D...promise to make it worthwhile ;)


DPhatsez said...

'high times'?

Amen junior! :) hehehhe

P.S missed all my s8 first hours due to snooze flu

Quest said...

Its time to come out of your snooze flu induced com(a)-ic state :D


Hari Vishnu said...

@Hari and Abhi
Wish i cud trust my bio clock to do that :)


its my first one !
but ethra post-e dedicate cheythaalum mathiyaavillallo :)

Hari Vishnu said...

permission granted :).. wonder what you're cooking up for me now.. and yea.. the snoozzzes are preventng me from reaching blogger even :)

thanks for visitin my blog man :).. S8.. that was the best time to miss any class, wasnt it :D

Dorm Bedding said...

Hmmm...the snooze button is both my friend AND my enemy :)