Saturday, May 23, 2009

The time-less VS The jobless

The other day I got into a usual bout of work-cursing and cribbing over chat with a friend. I then realized he was out of a job, and in quite the opposite situation as me. So, well, we had a 'discussion', (probably a competition :-) ) to prove who was worse off. But after I was done with the chat, I was convinced that in these economically desperate times, it is much better to be in my situation than his.. ie.. - more work to do is probably better than no work to do :).

A comparison of the lives of the time-less guy VS the jobless guy

- Timeless guy : Wakes up in the morning, thinking "Oh, I wish I could sleep more.. but no.. this cursed work reckons me.. When do I get to sleep as much as I want, ever ?.."

Jobless guy : Gets up.. realizes he has no reason to wake up.. nothing to do.. but feels wasted going back to sleep.. so what to do ?

- Timeless guy : Has not enough time to complete work, socialise, take care of health, etc. 24 hours just isnt enough in a day.

Jobless guy : 24 hours is too much time in a day ! Wish I had something to do in these 24 hours... Wish life could go faster than this..

- Timeless guy : Always thinking about changing career track.. looking for new job.. change of field.. grass is always greener on the other (company's) side :)..

Jobless guy : Worried about never even having a career at all.. Believe me.. some grass(job) is better than no grass(job) at all..

I seriously pity the jobless. They end up losing self-confidence. Then hope. Worries about future life are constantly hitting them. And since they have too much time, worrying takes up a major part of life for them sometimes. Atleast the timeless ones dont have much time to even worry !

If, by some cruel twist of fate, you find yourself among the jobless, please find something productive to do.. (sorry, I really cant think of anything else to say). And if you're timeless, well, be happy you have a job atleast :) ..

(PS : Ppl, I have NOT been snoozzzing away on blogger :).. looks like it was a bit of 'bloggers block' that hit me.. hopefully im back on a posting spree now :) )


Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Interesting you should mention this - but a lot of people who came here to do a Masters as fast as possible and run away for a high-paying job, are slowing down their MS progress so that they can wait for some more stability in the job market.

As students/researchers, I suppose it's a lot better to be on the run - of course, this comes at the cost of sleep. To the point where I feel like spoofing the song "Insomnia" by Faithless, with the sleep deprivation counterpart.

Quest said...

I am the guy who is having lots of time, is not jobless, but gets to do woek only half of the time he is at office and even after doing many things in the time available finds more time is available after that too.

Bad time management ;)

PS:So what is next on the S'pore pipeline?


Anon said...

Some grass is better than no grass eh? :D

Abhi said...

Nice post, truly captured the spirit of the timeless guy. I've always had a difficulty in making my friends understand how bad a job in the CORE sector is like. They the software guys who've 24/7 internet, good cities to live, ample chicks around them but still say that a CORE job is great. While here i am in a gudaam location, no net, no chicks, no clubs n pubs to languish and definitely no company to hang out with. Still that software grass looks greener to me.

I really I'm going to be a jobless guy from a timeless guy in a week's time. Wish me luck :)

DPhatsez said...

Grass??where?(evil smirk)

I'm in a mix of all worlds. Timeless on the days i've got shifts and when assginment deadlines are near.
Jobless when submissions are done and no shifts available.

Booze, Soccer, Counterstrike ensure that I'm a happy man!

Hari Vishnu said...

yea.. its better to be on the run, even though at the cost of sleep and a lot of bitching :).. maybe a spoofed 'insomnia' shud be made our anthem now :)

hehe yea i truly thot of ur situation wen i wrote this post.. ure the guy who fits into both, but none ! :)

Hari Vishnu said...

@krik krak
yea dude.. go get urself a job at the nitc placement cell as soon as possible :)

hehe.. here's the core grass guy talking about the software grass.. They the software guys who've 24/7 internet, good cities to live, ample chicks around

'ample chicks' around ? lol, poor poor abhi chettan :)

hmm now lets see how u handle a jobless situation..

Hari Vishnu said...

lol man.. u're in dream world ! :).. ofcourse- soccer (or in my case IPL), gaming and social networking.. i wonder where i wud be without those.. hmm.. probably doing something more productive like reading :)..

Anonymous said...

I find my self having lot of time and a job. Even with a job and salary sitting idle can hit your self-confidence. One good thing is that you get to think about a lot of things you would not get time otherwise, but the bad thing is most of the time it is worrying about things.

Hari said...

Great way to inspire someone to take a job! :-D

But yeah, being jobless has its benefits, trust me. You have all the time in the world, and you can use it for very productive purposes, just as I've did. And, joblessness helps you scale heights that you've dreamt of achieving by putting yourself to something you've been passionate about all the while, but couldn't do!

Btw, I'm for being jobless, provided I get an alternative income from somewhere! (Basically, I'm a lazy guy, that's why!:P)

Dorm Bedding said...

I've been in both situations...yours is definitely the lesser of 2 evils - be thankful :)