Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogger Stereotypes ?

Was ROFL after reading RC Balajee's (aka Red carrot Jalebee's) post on Blog titles. It was then that it reminded me of another discussion I'd with Venky about blogger stereotypes.

- This may be too much generalization, but it struck me how quite a number of Bloggers are into Free and Open Source Software. Dont think I need examples : about half my blogroll is testimony to this.

Attempted explanation :Maybe FOSS enthusiasts are generally ones who spend quite some time on the internet, and hence invariably end up on the blogosphere too (! ?)

- Then there's the connection between people who blog, and are also into Freelance photography at the same time.

Attempted explanation : No surprises. The freelancers are bound to post up their photos simply because they find no better way to publicise it :).

- This one must be the weirdest. There are a number of Bloggers out there who Run. Yea, run - marathons, half marathons, awareness runs, social runs, jogging, the type. (Run for fun? :) ) You can find quite a number of bloggers posting that they're going for so and so run next week.

And for the love of blogger, I cannot even attempt a reason for this correlation :)

[ I'm still gearing up for 4-80 run next week.. but I assure you.. the decision for this run had nothing to do with observation 3 :).. it's just going to be an experiment as part of my, er, Underwater Acoustics research :P .. ]


The Third Twin said...

For some strange reason, i feel we will fall into all the 3 categories, if we make that running a daily business..
what say? :P

Abhi said...

I do fall into categories 1 n 2. Though i'm not a free OS user, bt i use firefox. Other than that i can't think of anyother free sw that i use.

On the 2nd point, yes; orkut and blogger are the two means for me to put up my pics.

On 3 though i've to disagree. I NEVER run. Especially for causes, coz when i can't run for my own cause(to cut down my flab) then i can't think of running for unknown people dying somewher or some animals being mauled by hunters and stuff like that.

Good observations though!

Balajee said...

Freedom Software
Free - lance Photography
Liberating exhilaration after a run
Freedom of Speech

Duh! ;)

Hari Vishnu said...

@3rd twin
hehe yea it does look slowly like we're fallin into all 3 now.. which is wat inspired me to post this in the first place :).. fotography has not really picked up on a grand scale for me yet though..

u get 2 out of 3 score for a blogger stereotype :).. vallopozhum okke enitte odaan nokke, kodavayarine nallatha :)

Hari Vishnu said...

wah kya correlation hein sirjee.. esp abt the last one ;-)..

4 years of nitc allows one to intuitively attempt to answer anything, wont it :).. in such a convincing way, that too.. full marks to u :)..

TEAcher said...

Blogging is supposed to be a self-expression, hence these sorts of stereotypes perpetrated equally by those who failed to understand people beneath what is superficial and by those superficial persons as well is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

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Koi said...

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