Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting 'High' in S(w)ingapore..

Lately, weekend timepasses have become addiction for us.. Part of life.. No, probably the only things in life..

Few weeks ago we went to Clarke Quay, probably the entertainment hub of Singapore. There was an adventure sport : an 'Extreme Swing' that everyone was waiting to get 'high' on. 5 of us were taken in a seat-cage taken to extreme heights, and then released downwards.. Yea no more description - the video is here..


Yours truly was the 'pilot' of the swing.. meaning I was the guy seated in the swing, who would pull a lever that releases the swing downwards. Yea, like the 'lives' of 5 lay in my own hands (chuckle and grin)

So.. You can hear the countdown initially while we're up there.. 15..14...13.. till 3, 2, 1..

Then the 4 losers with me looked at me, expecting me to release at 0.. (I esp remember Naren's face :P ).. and then I say "Now, its MY suspense.."..

And while they're thinking about it.. in the split second, yours truly releases the lever :).. (You can see the gap between 'Zero' and swing release in the video)

Later on we went on exploring other venues to get high again :)


Mahesh Mahadevan said...

For a second you made me think of drugs and swing parties - yeah, perversion prevails at times ;-)
Nice to see you guys are having fun. My weekends are a little less insane, except conversationally.

krik krak said...

Holy Crap dude!

Vinitha Vasanth said...
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Vinitha Vasanth said...

Oh Lord !! Seriously, a breath-taking video !!!
You guys ssly have loads of guts :) And the others sure had the guts to choose you as the so-called "pilot" of the swing :P
Kudos to the videographer too - I'm sure I'm not gonna sit on that one ..ever !!!

nautillus said...

one hell of a ride .i am usually averse to swing rides so i don't thik i will be getting on to this one if I come to singapore ever.Oh who am I kidding.I might get into it because if I evr come to singapore that might be the first and last time :) and btw da..was it you shrieking like a girl?? :)

The Third Twin said...

Hari:" i will be the pilot man"
Naren: "Ok ur wish, i don mind"
Hari: " No i wont be, its ok, u be the pilot "
The guy who was setting up the cage for us was laughing...
Naren: "Ok whatever i don mind being the pilot"
Hari: "No its ok i will be"
finally guess he took it out on all of us who thought he was chickening out on this one :P

Laxmi said...
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Hari Vishnu said...

lol man.. I didnt know there was a perverse meaning to 'high' ?(innocent boy look) ;-) ..yea.. insanity is sometimes the only way out on weekends :)

@krik krak

Hari Vishnu said...

Guts? umm.. not so sure of our guts once we reached on top :)

The 'pilot' decision oscillated between me and naren for quite a while, actually :)

hehe.. dey if u come here we'll send u on a one way ticket up the swing :)..

and that shrieking ! twas'nt me !.. it was laxmi, one of our many crazy friends on the ride :)

Hari Vishnu said...


lol dude, I remember how I almost chickened out of the situation :).. if it wasnt for ravi telling us about it, I think i wudve skipped it :)

Quest said...

I expected you to jettison off to orbit the earth or being a volunteer for giving company to those thick skinned living things out in space...;)

Great courage Virus :P calls for an award for showing exemplary bravery skills :D

PS: Havent cn the video yet, slept off yday and nt able to watch it in office :D

krik krak said...

lol @ the third twin!

Drunken Mind.. said...

i can just imagin how amazing it will feel...

Hari said...

The scream(s) are rather girlish!! :P

And I'd bet my blog on the fact that the 'other swings that followed' were more appealing. ;)

Nice video. Who took it? :)

krik krak said...

5 weeks since ur last post, man!!

krik krak said...
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Hari said...

Ivide aarum ille? Chatho?? :|

Neethu said...

wow shud try that one out nw;)
btw..time fr a new post!

Shyamsundar said...

hey guys this post is so relevant.i am usually averse to swing rides so i don't thik i will be getting on to this one if I come to singapore ever.yeast infection

Twin XL said...

Omg.....looks crazy!