Monday, August 10, 2009

Ping !

Ok, so I decided to break my 'Bloggers block' again.. Loong time no see, everyone :).. There's been lotsa stuff keeping me away from blogger, but one of the main culprits is - u guessed it.. right here..
Here's how Gtalk changed my life in the past one year.. You'll know you've fallen prey to the Gtalk-olism, like me, when :

1. U get up in the morning after yesterday's late night chat, and the first thing that comes into your mind is "Oh, I gotta sign in !..."

2. Ever heard of the phenomena of 'phantom rings' ? Those mobile vibrations u imagine in ur pocket, even though its not ringing.. yea, that was once upon a time..

Well now its 'Phantom Pings'.. U imagine you heard that ever-inviting gtalk 'ping' sound even though its never there.. Yea, I even hear it in between songs and normal conversations :) ..

3. Your latest hobby is collecting cool Gtalk Status messages.. and building a collection of profile pics to put up too :) ..

4. You g-chat for hours with people whom you never even spoke to in school or college.. and they keep saying "Its a wonder I never knew you well back then..".. :)

5. You come to know about incidents in your hometown/country/other places even before your own folks back in India hear of it..

6. When you're 'invisible', it means 'busy' to ppl.. when you're 'busy', it means 'available', and when you're 'available', all you hear is a bunch of 'ping' sounds every 2 seconds :)

7. While multi-chatting, You are used to multiple emotions at once - you cry in one chat window, press tab and laugh in the next chat window, press tab and get serious in the next one..

8. In real life, you tend to say 'Lol' and 'Rofl' and forget to really laugh sometimes :).. (To be frank, I use np, ty, k and all the other crap too)

9. When you enter lab, you prefer to ping your labmates 'GM' instead of going around saying Goodmorning yourself..

10. You tend to make short forms for every single usage u use more than 2 times a day..

11. You update ur status messages on a minute-by-minute basis.. using 'brb', '@Lab', '@Room', 'out for tea', 'out for lunch', 'sleeping'.. etc.. (yea my gchat buddies wud know :) )

12. Ppl prefer to chat to you on gchat than in real life !

13. When ppl ping u on gtalk and dont find you, they worry that something has happened to you ! :)..

Hmm.. like i saw on a status msg sometime ago, PHD seems to have given me a P(ermanent) H(ead) D(amage) by now :)


Anon said...

Phantom Pings?? Wtf dude?? :D

"Collecting cool Gtalk status messages" 2..

Nice 2 c u bak man!

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Now I wonder if you have found a friend of Chinese origin on Gchat. His name would be Ping You Now :-P

Going invisible is a pretty brilliant thing, but it'd be even better if you could get Google to let you be invisible to select contacts.

Phantom Pings - I hear ye brother!

Setting status messages to tell people you are in the lab is much better than Tweeting your bowel movements.

LOL has completely ruined the whole point of laughter. Nowadays, LOL doesn't really mean that you are Laughing Out Loud. It is among the most abused of words, and this, I lament.

I recently had a conversation (somehow brought up from a conversation of buying a car, and me wanting to buy one with a manual transmission), and I realized that the language we speak will be lost to the newer generation (yes, realize you are old enough that there are generations after you, already up and sprawling); among several other things. I think I will post that to my blog soon.

Abhi said...

I'd say this is the best invention since the wheel. It happens in my room a lot! We've 3 guys in a room and to talk to each other we use G-Talk, coz the ping in the laptop is a easier to recognise sound than the actual voice of your roommate. Plus there's the complete privacy to Bitching about one roomie to the other without the GUY getting to know about it!

Status message collection is a hobby I took up long time back!

Balajee said...

The most annoying thing about GTalk is that it adds people you correspond with over mail to your contacts list! Thats ludicrous! The number of times I've been in an awkward position in College and now, at work, just because I sent my Boss or Guide an email! Ofcourse, now there is a setting that you can tinker with to disallow this, but seriously, Google does not understand privacy if it leaves that on by default. Imagine how cool those status messages will sound when your Boss is seeing them as well (esp. when the stat has something about him in it ;) ).

Invisible mode... don't even get me started on that! Seriously! Move over GTalk... just use IRC. In fact someone oughta start an IRC channel for our college alumni or something.

The Third Twin said...

@ Hari
i like the 7th point.. thats so fucking true..
but even now i don chat as much as u do for the same reasons u have given. i prefer having a coffee with a friend face to face than a coffee over a chat.. if i cant meet ppl face to face i prefer calling them (viz why my phone bills used to be so high and are higher now)
But i do agree that ppl these days tend to be more emotional and expressive over the net... its their wish.. to each his\her own...

Hari Vishnu said...

@krik krak
dude.. ph pings are really there ! its not just me, believe me!

lol dude.. lol at all.. yea updating facebook n tweeting status messages is also beginning to look like a minute-by-minute phenomenon around here..

phantom rings.. u know where i got that word from ;)

and yea, lol @ LOL :)

Hari Vishnu said...

yea.. its atrociously come to the point whre gtalk takes more time of ur day than sleep and eating included :)

finally, an anti-G-talker we have here, do we ? :)

Hari Vishnu said...

true dude.. any day i think id prefer a face to face discussion complete with facial expressions n all.. and phone calls second to that.. just that, gchat is so convenient to fit in with our schedule in lab, is cheap, and can reach out to almost anyone in the world anytime cos the whole world is online at gtalk :)

Quest said...

Loser Virus not ashamed of giving silly excuses for being absent from the blog :D :P

I am the one to catch both you and naren in invisble modes and bug you to hell :D

And what about getting hooked to chat....any memories of the last time you chat...I feel like giving you GPLs....let me get some contacts in NTU and I will give you one grand GPL through video conferencing :D :P

Vinitha Vasanth said...

Welcome back !!

Superb "come-back" post ...
But I agree with the Third Twin .. i'd prefer face-to-face chats than g-chatting ( even phone calls would do ) as one gets to see (or hear) the person's true facial expressions and feelings ..
One can add a smiling smiley at the end of a statement in chat, while he/she might me actually crying while chatting with you :P ...isn't it ???? ;D

Hari said...

Entammo... avasaanam, you're back again. Yaay!!! :)

Well, I'm for Phantom pings. Happens to me all the time!! :P

And yeah, I'm a language junkie. So I rarely use short forms. And I guess GTalk (I use Pidgin, though!) has done more good to me, by getting to know more people. :)

Neethu said... funny and so true!!!
me too hear phantom pings every now n then;)...(i thot i was the oly nutty one around!:P)

tarana said...

dat was a really cool post..

yeah u r rt...u made me think...

Drunken Mind.. said...

haha. nice post hari.. sory for late comment.. i myself was absent from dis space for looongg..

Trisha said...

hehe phantom rings n a victim of both!!

and no.6 is supposed t be a secret dude!! u ain't supposed t b so public about it!!

Javahar said...

Good one.. Its suitable for those studying in abroad who has to spend time (or to pass time).. If v comes to work in a tight schedule (depends the work being done)its tough to be in online and almost no time to check mails too..
Lets c how it would be in the mere future..

Javahar said...
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ping post said...

I definitely hear you on the phantom pings! This post definitely hits home for me. I can relate with each statement.

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I am still holding my hopes high that one day you will return :) HERE

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