Monday, January 10, 2011

Power of MANY

Remember the story your mom told you, about how its harder to break a bunch of sticks when they're together than to break them one by one ? I've come to realize how true it really is :). The power of a "group"- unbounded, unbreakable, overwhelming. After I felt the sheer mindblowing force that hundreds of minds working together could achieve from my experience with Ragam and Tathva during my college days, I'm feeling it yet again, here in Singapore.

Making a group work is making the difference between "Many Hands make work light" and "Too many cooks spoil the broth". But once a group achieves that state... "Coherence".. when you can bring together a bunch of 10 or 20 or even more people together..get them to pitch in a multitude of ideas, get different hands and minds working on different parts.. understand where to lead and where to follow.. At that point, when the group begins to function as a single individual in many bodies.. IT can achieve anything !

Apart from feeling the overwhelming power of being part of a single large entity during Ragam times, I've had the fortune of being associated with many gems of friends and friend 'groups' throughout my life.My EEE pals still remain an unchanging pillar of support to me (and I'm sure we'll stay that way) :).Through my friend 'circle' in Singapore, however, I've had the chance to really see and learn a lot of group dynamics. Over 2 years, we learnt a lot.I would'nt say we've perfected the art of acting as a united group, but we've come a far way.I've learnt that when a group is involved, even life-changing actions can be done with minimal effort.

Over 2 years, we learnt to celebrate as never before. Organized parties and trips that we will remember forever in life, celebrated birthdays in full style, made videos, dance dramas, treasure hunts, and took each one by surprise that it was no more surprising to be surprised :P. Did it all, from group lunches,coffees and dinners almost every other day to squash games on thursdays to mass movie-goings on fridays.

Well, we did "almost all". With Naren's bday, we reached another level beyond the art of celebration, that of group responsibility.The time spent with children on Naren's bday was one of the most satisfying moments for me, I'm glad I had an equally enthusiastic group with me to share and multiply it.And that is going to go on.Happen again.The small step we took towards 'encouraging' Protsahan (pun intended :P ) is going to be just one step towards whole new heights that we can scale.

And we will do more. Much more. Cos diverse as we are, we have learnt the art of doing as One :).

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