Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Century of posts, Quarter century of Life !

Around four years and a hundred blogs ago, I decided to start off this blog. On my 21st bday, one that I considered a bday for a lifetime. And mann, have I come a long way since then. Not just in terms of distance (Calicut -> Singapore translates to 1000s of kms :P), but mentally, emotionally, physically, academically, socially, and many more 'ally's (pun intended :P ). Change has beaten the face of my exteriors, yea. And yet, inside I'm still the same guy :). What I still crave for is company of more and more people. Yea, I'd say I'm still pretty much where I was for the last 7 years :P. A lot of change and no change (pls dont ask me how many coins I carry around :P).

A quarter of a century ago, somewhere in Dubai on a cold wintry night, another boy childs name was added to the register in New Dubai Hospital. He didnt know that he would write this blogpost afer a quarter century as a Capricornian.. oops.. Saggitarian..But while writing this, he realizes one thing. That feeling of gratitude and LIFE flowing all through him.

I logged in to Facebook to greet 50 something messages on my wall, and I'm waiting,counting,wishing for more to come :). I rubbed my ass after the butt-blowing GPLs, laughed over and over again at the entertainment show that had passed over the last 3 hours spent among an amazzing group, and whats more, stayed up till 5 am to see India win a thriller ODI with South Africa ! I just cant help thanking all of you guys out there, my friends, well wishers, for making me what I am by letting me know you atleast think of me. So I'll sum it up in the 6 letter word : THANKS !

And I just cant help get over that feeling of JOY that I feel now. So its time for a
repeat telecast of the blogpost I wrote exactly 2 years ago :). Happy Blogday to me !


jvvas said...

Some naruto there... some harry potter here... my god...

Drunken Mind.. said...

Hello hari.. long time huh.. :)

But 1 difference I can see directly is ur biceps.. looks like u have been hitting the gym .. good :)