Monday, November 3, 2008

Aah..Life's got a long time to go..

Thats how we always feel about our life.. and death.. That we've got a loong time to live, so we can take it for granted.

We never realise that anyday anytime someone we know, someone who is close to us, can just stop in his tracks. Immobile. Paralysed. Unconcscious. Or worse, those four most feared letters. xxxx.

I bet you that you just rejected that thought from your mind now. Its natural of us to do it. When we think of it, we just leave 'death' as something that is not for us. "I'm young, I've got a loong life, so I can do anything to my body, take risks, smoke, eat uncontrollably, and I'll still live".. Yes, many of us do this often, and take our health or lifeline for granted. Or even if you dont smoke, have a good diet, exercise regularly, etc, theres still plenty of scope for something bad to happen anytime. Lets just call it Fate.

I read a book that says that the human mind tends to make jokes about subjects that trouble it the most, that way tryin to defend itself from its own fear. Its an inbuilt mechanism. Have you ever thought about the immeasurably large amount of humour made on death? Type death humour in google and you'll get plenty to keep you laughing. And movies, what about them? For one, I suggest you see a movie like 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'.. I saw the movie and was surprised that some of the most comic scenes in the movie that left me rolling over with laughter were the death scenes.

Or you can check out the phenomena of 'Gallows humour' about people making humour in their darkest situations. Believe me, that wiki link has got some nice jokes :)

But the seriousness of that dreaded word 'death'.. I come face to face with this reality now after news I hear about people around me. Friends, relatives, parents. People in bad health. Such news forces you to accept things. Things that you took for granted before. And yet after all these happenings I hear around me everyday, I still think I'm meant to live longer and hence dont need to worry about it. I'm just : 'Meant' to live. After all, the average life expectancy of an Indian is around 50 or so, right ? . And yet, someone in, say, South India, doesnt think twice when he hears that a few people were killed in Kashmir, or a bomb blasted in Assam and 76 people died. To him it is something far away and nothing concerning him. Similarly, to someone in the north, the bangalore blasts or the Tsunami, say, is just another news to catch on tv.

Well, so what about it, I cant go fearing our own shadow now can I. No, what I can do is enjoy life while it lasts. And accept that a sudden stop can come to anyody around us anytime . So from now on I'll just be prepared for it. And not take life for granted.

[ Sorry if that post was a scary one. Theyre just thoughts I wanted to let out. Maybe I should add a disclaimer at the top soon :) ].


mea culpa said...

This made me think. Actually this made me think a lot .

Hari Vishnu said...

@mea culpa
:) think i scared one person atleast.. but on a serious note.. it is something to think about, isnt it..

Anonymous said...

Hey .. it's seriously a scary post ... u must add a disclaimer at the top !!!!!!!!

Hari Vishnu said...

ure scared victim no. 2 :)

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Most people have this realization when someone dear to them dies. I wonder if that was part of the motivation.
Did you just watch 'Saw V'? The 'Saw' movies have the same underlying theme (apart from the overlying theme of pure unadulterated gore) of not taking life for granted.

Abhi said...

That's some dark humour pal:). As you said when ppl whom you've quite used to being with suddenly part due to death, it hurts beyond measure. So hope everyone lives each moment and enjoys those moments

Hari Vishnu said...

hmm yea, saw has a nice theme like that.. btw, is saw 5 really out?

yea, its situations like these that make us realise..

Drunken Mind.. said...

"Death ...let it come when it comes...
let it take what it wants
we are actors given a role
let it decide when lifes a sore."

...btw was the comment on assam supposed to be funny..?if it was, i didnt like it.

Hari Vishnu said...

@drunken mind

funny? it was meant to be serious.. to me assam or kashmir or AP is a looong way away, so even when I hear about a bomb blast I tend to leave it be after sometime (atleast this is the attitude that I dont like)..

To someone in UP, MP etc, say, the bangalore blasts, or the tsunamis, say, may seem something far far away.. this is wat i meant..

but yea, i get ur point, sorry dint mean it as a demeaning one dude.. wil remove it soon :)..

Drunken Mind.. said...

its ok da...i know u better than this...its just that sometimes i hate the attitide of indians towards the north east..n i smelt something similar here...dats why i wanted to ask u...i was hopin to get back a reply as u gave...thanks...
n u commented back pretty fast work or what...atleast m jobless right now..

Hari said...

Death is inevitable! Nice and philosophical way to think about it...

I've heard your batch at NITC has had lots of deaths. Anything tragic inspired this post?

Guess what I've been thinking about death a lot, lately. Another similarity, huh?

Abhi said...

You are Tagged

Hari Vishnu said...


hmm yea there were some incidents around me that got me really thinking about this thing.. haha yea another eerie similarity that you've been thinking on the same lines :)..

hmm ure jobless eh :).. yea i was jobless wen put that comment, plus wanted to quell any misunderstandings immediately, thats y i reply-commented immediately.. but on the whole, research going its slow way.. and exams are around the corner.. so no, not really 'jobless' in the true sense of the word :)

Hari Vishnu said...

tag! i think ive been waiting for this !