Sunday, November 23, 2008


Since the great passing out of the NITC 2004-2008 batch in the mid of May 2008, there has been just one thing that 400 odd NITCians all over the world have been looking forward to. And its called a bloody Convocation !

Okay I admit, I'm frustrated, and college sick. No, not sick of college, as in, you know, home-sick doesnt mean sick of home, so, you understand what I mean. I cant wait to meet friends. Old teachers. The old places and hangouts. The classrooms even, yes, I loved them. And the officially recognised last date for doing this is the NITC 2004-2008 batch convocation date. Unfortunately, such a date doesnt exist. Not yet

Every NITcian at any place, wherever he meets up, I think this question is bound to arise. A typical NITcians conversation.h header file :

NITCian 1 : Hi.. how are you.. long time no see..

NITcian 2 : Hey.. how are you..
Heard anything about the convocation?

NITCian 1 : Nope.. last I heard, it was supposed to be held in December 2nd week.. but there was a chance it could happen in 3rd week also
NITcian 2 : Haha thats old info.. latest I heard, it been shifted to last week.. and if there is no time it might be in Jan too..

And so on...

So far, The convocations 'tentative' date has been shifted and delayed soo long now that its giving new definitions to the word 'tentative'. The 'latest' info keeps on changing every few hours. Me and co-NITcian Naren are in the process of finding new sources of information about the ever-so-secretive convocation date, as if it was High Sensitivity Military intelligence. Nope, not even CIA would have a chance at this one for sure.

Last I heard (and you should be laughing at that phrase by now), it has been fixed for Jan 10th. Plus or minus a few months I'm sure.

It seems that even after one year of missing NITC life and yearning to see it, the NITC beauracracy is bent on not allowing us to go for a moment without bitching about our system. It sucks ! having to wait so long to know.. Its just a degree certificate distribution after all, and most of the fun is in the meeting up.. So why make such a fuss about the event ?

Nevertheless we poor souls will, until then, keep betting on the date, calling up everyone from the Director to the Profs down to the students to catch on any rumours about the reportedly 'prestigious' event called a convocation.. Until then..

P.S : 'Latest' Highly confidential reports state that the 'latest' "tentative" date of the convocation is an evenly spread probability among all the saturdays in January, which includes 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th. Wonder why they wont include Feb too


Abhi said...

Well be happy for the sake that you atleast HAVE a convocation and a reason to meet. What about poor souls who've been waiting for a reason to meet their classmates like me?

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

From a purely commercial point of view, you don't have to go to the store to get your product, they will mail it to you :-P
A convocation is a big, boring, long, flash-getting-together event that comes maybe twice or thrice in one's life. I feel sorry NITC is doing this to you guys. On the brighter side, cheer up! Most probably the day the host the convocation, it will end up being a strike in Kerala!

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe true.. no convocation is worse than delayed convocation.. u friends will have to make up ur own plans to meet up..

dont u dare mention something like that now ! :) that wud be a true nightmare

The Third Twin said...

I agree with Mahesh :P
ok on a aserious note, if we want to meet up we can anytime man, we are presuming that convocation is the day we wil meet all our friends.. like u said, convo is not about getting ur certificates, its about meeting friends..

Drunken Mind.. said...

nice blog man...catches the fever really are u guys comin..???

Hari Vishnu said...

@3rd twin
still, nothing like a convo to be able to meet up with everyone.. its not just 8 or 10 ppl i want to meet.. being able to meet the whole year and the whole college is something else..

yea, the spirit ure referring to must be the spirit of desperation :).. well, we really want to come, but given the highy varying probabilities of the convocation dates, we cannot be sure..

Hari said...


Well, I guess you're missing college a lot. :( I know how it feels, period.

Hari Vishnu said...

yea.. enjoy it while it lasts, dude..

Anonymous said...

its crap.. its shite.. the only things that makes u like college are the frens u made.. n the degree u got.. everythin else.. from the very few good teachers.. to the scoundrel criminal director... all sucks big time. And to think of this 'prestigious' event.. with all its boredom n stinginess of the authorities.. makes u hate the institution called NITC. sad

Hari Vishnu said...

good to know u share the same desp feelings, pal :).. yea, its a shite situation..

and lol at 'scoundrel director' :)

Aditya Nair said...

hehe....funny as the posy is..its really true...
Now we know why the alumni wing is weak...its like they squeeze all the good feelings that remain after four years of torture.
Ill let u know as soon as I find out from college.

Hari Vishnu said...

wow thanks dude..

btw v got some new info recently about the convo. it mentions everything including who is taking care of what committee and how many ppl are attending and everything, but the only thing missing is, u guessed it, the date ..

latest info is that it will be confined to '2nd week of jan'

Anonymous said...

so whats the latest rumour?