Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long time no Tag !

Aaaaah... long time no tag.. and since I'm still fishing for topics (being winter, the fish arent biting), time to go for one.. I've got this one from Abhi..

The Tag

Two questions from the past, present and future. Answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and DONE.

Yesterday - Rewind..

Your oldest Memories..

Ooooldest memory.. maybe I was 2 years old.. a virtual horror movie I had in a lift in my apartments (Dubai). I was playing with a ball, which fell and got stuck in the lift doorway. Then the lift suddenly stopped, leaving us stranded between 2 floors. I faintly recall the firemen having to help us out of the lift. Luckily, mom was there to give me a saree to hold on to and blare away, while she took all the tension :).

What were you doing 10 years ago...

1998.. I am a teenager in the 7th standard in Sharjah Indian School, a peaceful Indian school in Sharjah, UAE. 2nd term exams are over by now, and the UAE national day is about to come up. Hence it is almost festival time, with Sheikh Zayeds photos and the flag and lights put up everywhere. Since it is vacation time, and I am blasting away on the computer playing games !


Your first thought in the morning

Naren is calling me at 6.40 am, waking me up to go jogging with him. My thoughts are : "Oh, why the hell do I have a mobile? Why did he have to wake me up? Why did he have to remember me and call me too ? Doesnt he have any other job at 6.40 in the morning?... Waah, I wanna sleeeeeeeppp....." (Ultimately and surprisingly I did end up going for the jogging session :) )

If you built a time-capsule today, what would it contain ?

A backup of my entire hard disk, thats for sure. All my Photos, Documents, E-books collections, Songs, Movies, that would be enough of a time capsule for me. And yes, wikipedia, (sorry Abhi, couldnt help that one). Wikipedia is the largest definition of 'knowledge' in the world ! And yes, all Youtube videos qualifies too..


This year ?

What year? Years over, dude !

Hmm, but in the next one year, I will have made some of what they call 'progress' in what I call 'research' here at NTU. I will have compiled 5 reports, a couple of papers, bunch of literature reviews, made a hundred presentations, attended half a dozen courses, met a thousand people, gone to all over Singapore and the adjoining Malaysia, Thailang and Indonesia, added a 100 more contacts to Gchat, and yea, become a total nutcase bugged with life.

Man, I seriously hope not !

What you see yourself doing 14 years from now ...(This sure is a weird tag :) )

14 years. I'm 37 years old ! I'm probably working as a scientist in some defense laboratory in India. Or I'm a lecturer in the Electronics or Electrical department at NIT Calicut, my alma mater. That was quick and highly specific, wasnt it ?

I tag

Aha ! Well, I'm not forcing it on anyone at all :).. So this tag, its open to all, up for the takes, but yea, heres a list of people I think should do it :

- Naren, on his Universal Monism
- My Dear (ex)roommate Drunken Mind, when he chooses to reminise
- Chathan, on his Quest beyond eternity
- Mahesh Mahadevan : Dude ! I just wanna know what you're upto :)


Abhi said...

Hey i loved reading your dream jobs. Both are something that i'd want to do as well. Plus, didn't you make SOME progress in your RESEARCH @ NTU till now?? Sad to know that so many Singapore $ went waste. Pinne why the hell does somebody like you need to jog in the morning, evide 90's adicha njan ponilla, pinne ninek kedannu urangikoode chekka?

Hari Vishnu said...

lol.. u interested in research and teaching !.. dint expect that :)..

vere onnum cheyyaan illathathu kondane jogginginu poyathe.. enikkum oru tummy okke kandu thudangi.. but if ure in 90s, i think its high time u start running, lest u hit a century :)..

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Ahem, tag accepted.

Hari said...

That was a huge chalu!!! :P

Detailed comment coming soon... ;)

nautillus said...

da if u r 14 or 37 yrs old u goin to look like a teenager :) unless u grow a moustache..hmm..i hadn't thought abt dat..maybe a moustache wouldd help..what am i even thinking..u will nevr grow a moustache..just kidding da..anways i keep thinking about dis all the tym.love to think about my school time and coll days..and i am not sure i am thinking abt my future jobs.but i am sure don't want to continue wat i am doin nw..like my life to be unpredictable to me and everyone..

Drunken Mind.. said...

hey dude..i will soon write on this tag...its on the way ..just let the drunken mind take over...liked urs though....but the one abt teachin in EEE in NITC..i found it knd of borin...do u really wana go back n teach there...??

Hari Vishnu said...

:) probly will have to paint a mouche to remind myself im growing.. or maybe i dont want to :).. lol dude, remembering collg days..

well well now thats something im looking forward to

Hari Vishnu said...


cant wait to see urs man.. n yea, the teaching thing, im finding that im lookin forward to it really.. i dont know if its my college sickness manifesting :)..

Drunken Mind.. said...

i attempted the tag dude...

Anonymous said...

I have just added this post to faves.com :)