Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour !

Today at 8.30 pm, you can vote Earth by switching off your lights, fans, ACs, Computers and whatever is possible, for one hour.

Sure, this gesture may not save us so much energy enough to save the world from impending doom, no. EH is more of a symbolic event than an attempt to save energy for an hour. You can save energy practically all throughout your life. By simply taking care of those small things that you often forget in your haste - turning off monitors.. putting your comps on hibernate.. switching off lights and fans..

Earth hour is more about the awareness. The faster we humans realize that we need to take bold steps before we become extinct altogether, the better.

So dont forget to turn off your lights at 8.30 !


Quest said...

The Earth is better off without the Human species...

Abhi said...

A doubt:Won't the CO2 emitted when we burn a candle be much much more than the CO2 emission reduced by power we save?

Just my calculation though! I don't have a PhD on this, so can't say if i'm 100% right.

Neethu said...

yea...knew abt it...but was impossible to do that at oat during breathe floyd:(