Monday, March 2, 2009

Going Mobile !

My first post on my Mobile! Im totally jobless in a boring desolate class of adaptive signal processing.. Moody Monday strikes again..


Quest said...

Ha ha ha enjoy enjoy. Here I am getting bored sitting in office :D Wrote my second blog too from here ;-)
Feeling tired after hours and hours of simply browsing.... :D

Hari said...

Great work!! :P

Mobile blogging rocks, if you've unlimited 3G. ;)

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe.. looks like ure suffering from a heavy dose of joblessness..

hehe yea.. too bad internet is not always free for permanent netizens like us :(

Abhi said...

1line post ittu net ullathinde moda kaanikuka aano payale? Sukhicho sukhicho! Enikum oru kaalam varum, when i'll have 10mbps net at my disposal free of cost 24/7. Annu njan thakarthu vechu blog ezhuthum :D

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

I wonder if you have started using Twitter. Of course, that's not on 3G, but that shouldn't stop you :-)
What network are you on?

Hari Vishnu said...

lol.. saare luckily ithe ente cash alla.. ithe NTU Wireless LAN aanu :).. so making max use of free internet all around... allaathe nammale cash itte eppolenkilum medikkumo ! :)

network? lol, like i mentioned above, Im on the NTU network :).. free of cost, and all around me most of the time..

Dorm Bedding said...

I have yet to get on the mobile train :)