Sunday, March 8, 2009

Greatest secret in the history of the world...

... has been revealed !

NITC announces its convocation.. that too on a working day ! Voila !

Notice that they used 'Final Ad' for convo.. seems like theyre pretty sure of themselves this time.. what a joke :)

Whats more, its right after our Cultural festival Ragam, which means half the crowd will probably still be 'high' (ahem.. Chathamangalam is at a high altitude u know) when we reach there to grab our degrees...

(courtesy Brittz for most of the observations)


Abhi said...

Good luck with the gown and the hat :)

Quest said...

Good for nothing wasteful souls in the AB....dont kno how to plan for a proper convo...what do they expect us??? Come more than a day earlier on 29th by 12 30 pm to receive costumes?? A fancy dress competition is goin to happen or what? Many had taken leave somewer around jan-feb thinking of convo to be around tat time, rumors without doubt created by our nitc itself....what is that Rs. 750 for? There isnt any graduation party going to happen...or is it to cover the budget deficit as the financial year is ending....
Its only about 3 more mnths the max for GRC to go as after the elections he sure is going to have his head cut :D

My goin to convo is having a probability of 20% only, none of our frnds seems to be coming :(
Why then?

Hari Vishnu said...

no gown and hat :(.. wont be able to make it thanks to the f!@#ed up timings..

theyve screwed up our convo for us man, theres no doubt abt that.. n ive had enough of cribbing over it over 3 blog posts and 6 months already :(..

yea many of the ppl i know wont be comin, so i dont think theres a point to going thru too many hardships and formalities and airtravel just for this..

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

I wonder how much energy was spent overcoming the lethargy of NITC, finally... For a second, I was wondering why it is the 4th convocation, forgetting that it's not been long since it changed to NIT.

Nevertheless, the way things are put, they stick to their reputation. Yet, better late than never...

Vinitha Vasanth said...

yeah .. as mahesh commented .. it is better late than never ... !

Hope the same doesn't occur in 2012 :P !!!!

Hari Vishnu said...

finally,somebody seems to have woken up from their sleep at NITC :)

haha.. id have preferred if it was a bit later, say in may or so, when i might have a chance of coming.. this current convo date simply sucks..

Anon said...

Sad dude..Like Vinitha said,hope it doesnt happen for my batch,though it probably will..

Hari said...

Whoa, finally, alle?

From all I've known you, this is goanna be a real high note in your life. Kudos man! Way to go! Make the 'Hari' fraternity proud

P.S. If you're touching down to Kerala, do let me know. :) Would love to meet you. :D

Neethu said...

they have already started the cleaning up of the rajpath!-combined cleaning for ragam and convo;)
u coming btw?

Hari Vishnu said...

@krik krak
u better hope the NITC admins grow brains by the time u passout, dude.. if u dont want to miss the only convocation of ur life..

deey.. i wont be able to make it ! though id have loved to make it with all my life, i cant.. i think its time to write another post venting off my steam..

Hari Vishnu said...

wow, so It Has Begun, eh..

well u can be sure by the time Ragam is over most of that cleaning will have been undone :)..

and nope, probably wont be able to make it :::::::::(.. Its on a bloody working day !

I think I should ask you to go to the AB and knock some sense into the ppl there :)..