Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fare - (not so) - Well

Last week was a string of farewells for us seniors at NITC. There were 3 consecutive ones for me :
1. The Director gave all the 4th years a farewell in NLC. I went up on stage representing my branch, and gave a sentimental and emotional speech.
2. The Electrical juniors gave us 4th year Electricals a farewell in NLC. Ditto Ditto second part.

3. The IEEE Juniors from my branch who I have worked with and conducted soo many events like FOSSMeet with for long, gave us seniors a farewell. For the third time i went up and gave a senti speech.

I couldnt help being sentimental. It's how a farewell speech is supposed to be. I did crack jokes, mind you. But in the end, a farewell is a sad event. I cant crack too many jokes at an event i know will be my last at college.

Promises of 'keeping in touch' are always made. But you know what, its hard. Its hard to keep in touch. The mails and sms's and scraps and calls keep on decreasing slowly. You find it hard to relate to your friend anymore. Nothing more in common. No more bitching about teachers or asking about classes or studying together to do. Your conversation once in a while will probably be like :

Passout 1 : Hi.. how do you do.. Long time no see..

Passout 2 : Yea, hi.. long time no see either.. i was busy here..

Passout 1 : What do you do now?

Passout 2: I'm working.. Its going fine.. How about you..

Blah blah blah.. once in a while you try to find something common and ask the guy about old friends, teachers, when he visited the college last etc. But its futile. Physical distance brings mental distance. And you need a great deal of bonding to overcome that fact.
I still dont know whether to hate or like farewells. Farewells are one of the greatest and worst things in life. They give you memories. So that you can laugh your last day out. And cry the rest of your life remembering the last day.


Quest said...

Yeh dostii hum nahin todenge....todenge dum magar tera saath na chodenge.... ;)

Hari Vishnu said...

kaash woh hamesha ke liye sahi hotha..

-=A.R.N.=- said...

I lived in hostel all 4yrs so you can imagine how it feels to leave it for the last time.

But no, dude.
You really don't HAVE to lose touch with your buddies after you leave college.
I graduated 3yrs ago and live in Germany now, just like the rest of my friends who're either in the US, Canada, UAE or India.
A bunch of us still scrap and chat and call up, at least once a week.

A "Hi, what you doing now" every two days.
(Gtalk and orkut rules!)

It takes effort, and it aint the same as hanging out, but we still manage to get together for weddings and stuff; and in short, stay in touch.
Rock on!

Hari Vishnu said...


yup it takes effort to keep in touch.. atleast gtalk and orkut exist, so i wont forget my friends atleast.. and ur case gives me hope.. thnx