Monday, April 14, 2008

Wish u a Happy Vishu !

Vishu(/Bihu/Ugadi).. The Beginning of a new Indian year!!

In Kerala, we start off the day with a beautiful 'Vishu Kani'- the beautiful opening first view on the Vishu day to signify a nice beginning. Unfortunately, we poor souls here at college have to make do with software 'kani's for our Vishu. Heres one for you below..
The funniest joke on Vishu's is always the 'Wish u' - 'Vishu' one. Ofcourse, there was this friend of mine who dint get the occassion and came and wished me 'Happy Vishnu' (thinking it had something to do with my full name Hari Vishnu). Another tradition is the 'Kaineetam'.. whereby the seniors and elders are supposed to give pocket money to the younger ones. Yum yum, a day for lots of money and food!

Crackers are waiting in store.. waiting to blast them away!..

Happy new year to all of u out there!


Ananya said...

Happy Vishu !!!!

Hari Vishnu said...

thanks.. same 2 u too..

Quest said...

Celebratn vishu@colg have greatly reducd the remittances that i used to get ;-)

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe..true here too..