Thursday, April 3, 2008

Female Factor

An attempt to define a relationship...

Today, 50 of us S8 Electrical students, for the 3rd time in our engineering life went for a class trip to Kaapad beach. The trip was beautiful, the sea was really rough but great. There were around 40 guys and 10 girls. Manu almost drowned and was saved by a combined effort from lots of people, and vowed never to touch water in his life again !

Then we went to The Hyson Heritage, where we had a fine dinner, and then a Hot-seat to kill the time. For those who dont know, hot-seat is where you sit on a chair on the stage with a mike, and the audience gets to shoot any question at you, anything at all, personal or sensitive. And you're 'expected' to answer them (although finally its up to you ofcourse :-) ). In general most of the people hot-seated today, as i expected, were people with, shall we say, 'relationships'. My hot seat was not in the least bit comfortable, with some of my closest secret-keepers asking the juiciest ones. But it really made me wonder.. and define well.. something about my attitude to relationships.

Eternal question : "Why do guys go behind girls?" (and vice versa). Is it just the hormones? Is it just some pleasure they seek? Bodily? Well there may be some like that, but believe me, that's not what every guy out there is thinking about. If i wanted just that, I might as well go for other options. No, theres something else about a girl that gets to a guy.

I hit on a girl in my second year. Valentine's Day Eve. She did'nt agree [:-)] cos she gave reasons, perfectly good reasons which even I appreciated later on. But the more I went on, the more I felt a sort of void. Female Company. There were friends in life, good ones, and stuff to do, and enjoyment, and studies[:-)] and family and everything in necessary amount, but still it was there. Like theres this Yang part of me in full flow, but I still needed this Yin part to complete my life (Man, Taoist philosophy rocks).

Yes, theres something about female company thats satisfying to a guy. I dont know what, I may not be able to point at it- it could be their plain simplicity, or playfulness, or stupidity or how they act it(look, I'm not trying to be male chauvinist ok), or just their way of flirting around all the while knowing you enjoy it. It's different from being with a guy. Being with a guy is cool sometimes. But being with a girl is different.And it's definitely the other half of the Yang part that guys are. No matter how many friends I had who were guys,this part still remained to be filled.And no amount of work (I sometimes enjoy work) or guy friends or movies or timepasses can take that necessity away.

I think this is what makes the guy go behind the girl.I have seen people who have been in several relationships,and who have been fully dedicated and sincere in all of them, and when he loses his girl that look on a guys face is like a half-empty juice bottle. We see it all around us. Everywhere. Its just human, and theres nothing cool in admitting you dont want to have a girl [I tried the cool-bachelor-doesnt-like-girl attitude, dint work :-) ].

I wonder if this is how girls think too. Something amiss in their lives? Need a guy to fill up?

Anways,I never tried again. I was not brave enough to take another no.I decided to brave it as a single,desperate-for-a-girlfriend bachelor until other things were done.Maybe I'll try again, but after reading the manual once more :-).


Quest said...

Don't worry da..Someone, somewhere will be there 'Made 4 U Only' ;-) Till then keep your hormones in check and open up your senses to catch hold of that pheromones :)

Good analysis...Even I sometimes go on such an analysis, formulating the chemistry of 'coupling'.

"Like theres this Yin part of me in full flow, but I still needed this Yang part to complete my life (Man, Taoist philosophy rocks)."

Isn't Yang - male and Yin - female?

PS: Get me that manual too....;)

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe.. female analysis.. the most happening thing in boy's hostels.. ever addictive ;-)..

thanx for the yin-yang funda.. i may have gone wrong..

n ya.. if there ever was a manual, wudnt that be the hottest property around? ;-)

Vijar said...

u r really funny in expressing out urselves

Hari Vishnu said...

lol thanks man :).. perhaps i wrote it in a moment of utter desperation :)